155 – On Recent Goings-On And A Pipebomb

It’s my third month of not having a laptop, and my smartphone is busted once more. Regardless, I have had a lot of experiences and tried out new gastronomic delights at the same time. Thus, let me share it to you by means of this post.

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CJ and I visited the yearly Art Fair 2017 last month, held at The Link car park building in Ayala Center, Makati. Amazing how the organizers converted a parking complex into a showcase of Filipino artistry. Well, as with most happening events in and around the metro – a lot of millennials attended. I didn’t bump into any familiar faces from college (well, almost), but we saw some former colleagues from my previous job. Below are some shots from the fair:

We then had lunch at Motorino Pizza in Greenbelt 3 after the pictures and the matching OOTD photo shoot. Apparently, they have a “lunch for two” promo which includes pizza, pasta, and dessert. The P700 we spent was worth every cent, with the Ham and Mushroom Pizza and Clam and Bacon Pasta meriting 5 stars from me. The tiramisu would have been better if the serving size was larger, though…but that’s just me.

Just a few weeks before this post, a colleague of mine resigned to follow his passion. This colleague, a man of many hats, had been with the company for three years before deciding to turn in his resignation letter. We then decided to eat one last lunch meal with him as a sort of send-off. Incidentally, another colleague of ours (a French citizen) who joined for three weeks to train with the process also had her last day alongside the first person. I’ve only been with both for a short time, but I’m glad to have made good memories with them.

Our team then decided to eat at Soban K-Town Grill, one of the new restaurants in Eastwood Mall. A Korean grill automatically means grilling raw meat on a stove top, but I chose the lazy option and ordered their Dak Galbi Set. For P320, I got an order of caramelized boneless chicken fillet cooked Korean-style – with unlimited soup, appetizers, and rice. An additional P15 was required for an upgrade to kimchi rice, which I availed of. Just like Motorino Pizza, I got a good deal for this one. I felt full after three servings of the kimchi rice, and enjoyed the entire dak galbi fillet.

Aside from that, I’ve also tried out different food spots from the usual. Having a broken laptop and mobile phone is no longer an issue, as long as you have workarounds. Check these out from left to right:

  • Bourbon Chicken from the newly-opened Denny’s at Trinoma
  • TWG macarons at 50% off, in line with World Macaron Day
  • Dark Skim Yogurt from BLK513’s Eastwood Mall branch

Let me end this entry with a pipe-bomb to boot.

Most companies have IT as an important backbone, but what’s the use of information technology skills if assholes possess them? Anybody worth his or her salt knows that you can’t trust IT people as far as you can throw them. I picked up this important lesson in my previous job, and I will most likely see it in action here in my current one.

8 months into this job, and I’m sensing two IT scumbags who want a piece of me. Of course, professionalism still takes the front seat over personal grudges. But I’m not letting my guard down. They want to sell me a fight, I have enough money to buy it. I’m not one who resorts to violence – but the moment I do, it might land me 25 to life. Thus, I try to avoid situations like that most of the time.

Best not to stoop down to their level at the end of the day, but if push comes to shove – the consequences will be brutal.

How about epidural hematoma for a start, perhaps?


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