154 – On 6 Reflections After Quitting Cosplay

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347 – REBLOG: On 6 Reflections After Quitting Cosplay (2022 Edition)

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11 thoughts on “154 – On 6 Reflections After Quitting Cosplay

  1. ” I didn’t have similar success when I quit and chose to focus on my life.”

    I would like to think you had a bit of similar success after you quit.. After all, you had Cj after right? 😀

    Also… any idea where the heck can I get red gloves and the elbow pad thingy for a tifa costume? hehehe Salamat!

    • Thanks, I guess? Haha.

      You can use half-finger motorcycle gloves for Tifa’s gloves (available at SM), while elbow pads from Toy Kingdom / Toys R Us can work for her elbow accessories. Just needs to be repainted in silver, though.

      If a search in SM yields none, an ukay-ukay raid usually reveals something. (I’ve personally done some shopping at ukay-ukay stores and they have good finds for cosplay most of time time.) Try to visit the Cubao area (at the side of Farmer’s Plaza, near STI) or Lolo Oboy’s at Anonas (beside St. Joseph).

      (I’m basing my descriptions from this reference image, by the way: http://img.yaplog.jp/img/18/pc/l/o/v/loveultimate/1/1262.jpg)

      Hope this helps.

  2. I don’t know if it’s okay to hit LIKE on your topic but I understand what you’re going through. My partner is a cosplayer too. He may not landed on Japanese product endorsement which I think is suitable job for cosplayers, but he’s currently working in a company and get extra by decorating and making costumes for theme parties in his office.

    • If you ask me though, the endorsement deals are but consequences brought about by publicity. Cosplay is never meant to be a job that pays the bills on a full-time basis. If there are a few who have made it a full-time job, they would be the exception and not the norm.

      It’s good that your partner still has a day job, and works on cosplay as a side hustle. Cosplay does take its toll on finances (in the same way as blogging), so a steady source of income still helps.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Many arrive at that point in life where some things have to be weighed and chosen, and this phase was just one instance. You live, you learn, you move on – just like what they say.

    • Wala eh, you really have to put the things that really matter first – than look back and end up regretting the lost years.

      Besides, medyo malakas na rin sa expenses yung cosplay kaya ipon muna haha!

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