151 – On An Unexpected Early Hiatus

Something unexpected came about. My trusty laptop, which has been with me for five years as of this typing, has given up on me.

It’s the classic problem of notoriously slow RAM speed, followed by a sudden crash – then entering the endless “startup recovery” loop. It doesn’t help that the laptop itself boots on safe mode every single time that I turn it on, with the notoriously slow speed carrying over and affecting the disk recovery process.

I have no idea if the data for that can still be recovered, but I do hope it can still be. I have a lot of content in that laptop accumulated over the years, not to mention images and blog drafts for later entries.

Never expected that shit to be reliable, anyway. That’s exactly how my previous laptop died down on me in 2012. Good thing it managed to hold out before I passed my thesis and graduated.

With that said—I might not be able to post things up until either that damned laptop gets fixed, or I get all my data back and buy a new one.

Regardless, what a way to start the year indeed.

9 thoughts on “151 – On An Unexpected Early Hiatus

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