147 – On A Double Bill: John’s Cookers X Corretto Caffe, Kingspoint Subdivision

I’ve mentioned in an earlier entry that I usually pass by Kingspoint Subdivision in Quezon City whenever I drive home. See, I have two possible routes when I take Mindanao Avenue going to North Caloocan: I can either take the Valenzuela route and go alongside delivery trucks, or I can take the QC route and pass by Kingspoint Subdivision. The latter traverses a longer way, but comes with smoother roads. The former, on the other hand, guarantees faster travel time—but with extra potholes.

The subdivision bears witness to a high volume of vehicle traffic (especially during the morning and evening rush hours) thanks to the local government of Quezon City. Kingspoint was included as a part of a diversion road bridging Caloocan to Quezon City—aptlty named SB Road after the mayor who made this possible: Sonny Belmonte. This amount of vehicle traffic has encouraged businesses to set up shop in the area, with majority focusing on food. Two examples of these businesses that popped up are John’s Cookers and Corretto Caffe, which I will be writing about below.

John’s Cookers specializes in hamburgers and other comfort food from the American South. However, don’t let that limit you from what they have to offer—this joint has more hearty choices to offer. They used to have a branch along Examiner Street (near West Avenue), but they already closed it down. The layout of John’s Cookers is suited towards customers preferring take-away orders, but there are some chairs for customers who opt to eat in. Here’s a preview of what to expect there:

Corretto Caffe is located right beside John’s Cookers. As the name states, the joint serves up coffee creations – but sadly, they do not carry teas. Compared to the latter, this is the only branch established from the top. I usually pass by in the evening and see this place with many customers. Some stop by for a cup of coffee, while some have dinner here as they serve rice meals. Corretto Caffe has a larger space – occupying two-thirds – while John’s Cookers takes up the last third. Below are some pictures:

Parking isn’t an issue, as both of these have the same owners. You can even order from John’s Cookers and eat at Corretto Caffe or the other way around, as they share the same kitchen. They are located along Katipunan Avenue in Kingspont Subdivision, near Christ the King of the Universe Parish and right across YARDA Food Hub.

Until the next post, bon appetit.

John’s Cookers / Corretto Caffe
#53 Katipunan Avenue,
Kingspoint Subdivision
Brgy. Bagbag, Quezon City 1116


7 thoughts on “147 – On A Double Bill: John’s Cookers X Corretto Caffe, Kingspoint Subdivision

  1. Hey Monching! Natuwa lang ako. This is just a walk away from where I live. I tried having coffee here once. And yeah, naging matraffic na sa lugar na ‘to simula nung binuksan sa public. 🙂

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