146 – On Attempting A Mod Look

Two wardrobe staples have made their way to this outfit—another attempt to pull off a mod look.

This red sweater from Zara came from SM Surplus when they had it back in 2012. However, it was too large so an alteration was in order. Four years down the line, and it remains in utmost shape. I usually pair this with blue jeans and polo shirts, and this pairing with a red Uniqlo polo shirt was no exception. This works best with earth colors like red, tan, and brown.

Dad has a knack for giving me clothes he barely uses anymore—and this pair of khaki pants from Levi’s is one such hand-me-down article of clothing. We almost have the same body type, which is a plus for me since I don’t have to buy new clothes most of the time. This has also undergone alteration: a trim at the side seams for a tapered look. It sits nicely on my waist, hugging the legs just right.

A watch is an ever-practical accessory to pair off with looks like these. I got the iconic Seiko 5 automatic wristwatch from Dad as a gift for my 26th birthday. Given that this is a so-called “eternal wristwatch” that does not need batteries, I now have to purchase a watch winder. Automatic watches tend to stop after a prolonged lack of movement, as the chronometer moves with the wearer’s hand.

Another wardrobe staple is this pair of suede chukka boots in chocolate brown, from American Eagle Outfitters. Some might be familiar with this pair as I’ve posted these in a few entries already. I bought the pair last December 2014, and I had them repaired recently as the sole started to separate from the uppers. Nevertheless, the chukka boots remain in good condition – and this month marks two years of service.

(Sadly, I forgot to turn up my khaki pants to make the socks visible. A lot of mods follow this practice; maybe on the next outfit post that I’ll do.)

Red full-zip sweater: Zara (bought from SM Surplus)
Red single jersey polo shirt: Uniqlo
Khaki pants: Levi’s
Chocolate brown suede chukka boots: American Eagle Outfitters
Watch: Seiko 5 Automatic


4 thoughts on “146 – On Attempting A Mod Look

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