145 – On Cheaper Cheese Tarts: LAVA Cheese Tarts

Cheese tarts are the next “in” thing—next to cronuts, everything matcha, and salted egg chips. Many have been waiting for the legendary Japanese cheese tart bakery Pablo to open up new branches, aside from their flagship outlet at Robinsons Manila. However, not everyone had a smile after trying out the bakery’s cheese tart hailing from Osaka. Some reviews cite its cost of more than P500 per piece, only to end up with something that tastes like regular egg tart. Pablo is not worth going to Ermita if that’s the case.

But don’t fret. Why settle for something overpriced and disappointing, when there’s a local version that does it better—at the fraction of the cost? Enter LAVA Cheese Tarts.

CJ and I discovered LAVA Cheese Tarts when we visited Taguig some weeks ago, after finding out that OVN Bread Company in SM Aura was gone. OVN Bread Company was a boulangerie similar to Bread Talk, but offering breads with a Filipino twist. In its place stood a café and bakeshop, and it looked like it just started business. The inviting scent of tarts being baked, coupled with our hunger from a long drive, made us try it out. (Trivia: OVN Bread Company and LAVA Cheese Tarts have the same owner.)

LAVA Cheese Tarts takes its name from the tart’s cheese filling, whose soft consistency after baking becomes akin to molten rock. Local cheeses are blended to create this spectacular filling: two sourced from Laguna, and one sourced from Davao. That’s dairy from Philippine artisan cheese makers you got there.

And the best part? It only costs P80 per piece. A box of three costs P240, while a box of six will set you back P450. However, customers can only order a maximum of 12 pieces per person. How big is it, you may ask? It’s as big as my palm—and packed to the brim with cheese filling. Not bad for something that costs P80.

Aside from helping artisan cheesemakers, LAVA Cheese Tarts also help local coffee farmers. They serve coffee creations using beans sourced from areas like Bukidnon, Benguet, and Mindoro. You are doing local farmers a favor by purchasing a cup of joe from LAVA Cheese Tarts.

LAVA Cheese Tarts opened last November 3, 2016—incidentally on the same day as my birthday. You can visit them at Unit 102, LGF SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway, McKinley Hill, Taguig 1634. Also, stop by LAVA Cheese Tarts on Facebook to stay abreast of their promotions.

Until the next post, bon appetit.

6 thoughts on “145 – On Cheaper Cheese Tarts: LAVA Cheese Tarts

  1. Cheaper that Pablo. And, as you say, tastier. Might try these if ever I find my way to SM Aura.

    And also, belated happy birthday, fellow Scorpio. 🙂

    • Hehe, thank you Miss Michelle 😉 I’m sure your trip to Taguig will be worth it – hindi ka magsasayang ng pera for cheese tarts!

      (I bought 12 pieces during our trip there, and never mind na napagalitan ako kasi magastos – it was worth every penny!) 😀

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