144 – On Nihon-fections: Triptych 22

Almost all of you have eaten a Hershey’s bar or a handful of M&Ms, but there is something unforgettable with Hello Panda, Pocky, or Meiji Coated Almonds. Japanese confections have a unique taste, compared to their Swiss or American counterparts. In addition, some companies also churn out a one-of-a-kind flavor that ends up being the talk of the town for days.

I was able to try some of these sweet treats, thanks to some friends and acquaintances who have visited the Land of the Rising Sun. Today’s triptych features three such confections that will make you turn Japanese—with just one bite!

I received this chocolate from a colleague at work, when she returned from a short trip to Japan. These look like simple chocolate pieces with a galleon design, but there’s a biscuit underneath. Think of it as a deconstructed version of the Hello Panda snack. For the uninitiated, these are panda-shaped biscuits filled with chocolate.

This next one was courtesy of a friend and fellow cosplayer who is based in Japan right now. He usually visits the Philippines every December to hang out and cosplay, bringing small gifts to his close friends. These are chocolate-covered almonds, similar to the ones by Meiji (that I mentioned in the introduction). Pardon me for the blurry shot, though.

This Kit-Kat Sakura Matcha came from another cosplay friend and schoolmate from Ateneo. She is currently studying in Japan, and came back to the country during her study break some years ago. Apparently, I learned from her that Japanese Kit-Kat has flavors that cater to the local palate. Contrary to the label, the matcha (green tea) stood out more vis-à-vis the sakura (cherry blossom) taste.

Have you tried out any of these yet? Head over to the comment section below! Oh, if you have any idea about the brand names for these – do comment below; ’tis much appreciated.

And that wraps up this one. See you on the next post!

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