142 – On Honest Dairy Madness: Mad Mark’s, UP Town Center

I′m pretty damn sure most of you here are fans of ice cream; more so when the ice cream comes in one-of-a-kind flavors. Look no further—Mad Mark′s Creamery and Good Eats has whipped up a few unique and handmade ice cream variants for the discerning palate. If flavors such as pecan cereal, Javan hot chocolate, and cookie malt fail to catch your attention – I do not know what will.

I have had opportunities to dine at three of their branches so far: Kapitolyo (Pasig), Glorietta 5 (Makati), and this one at UP Town Center (Quezon City). They now have a branch at Central Square in BGC, according to Aby′s post right here. It was a fantastic move on their part to open up a location nearer to most northerners like me; I don′t need to drive south for good ice cream! (On second thought, it makes me wonder why the best restaurants tend to open first in the South before moving northward.)

A lot of UP Town Center′s millennial shoppers frequent Mad Mark′s during the lunch hours (from 11:00 am until around 1:00 pm), mainly ordering their savory specialties. These specialties contribute the ″good eats″ part to the restaurant’s name—and for an even better reason!

First-time diners can try out the Fried Yard Bird, their take on the Southern fried chicken. The right amount of juiciness and crisp is coupled with the boneless chicken fillet for hassle-free eating. For those who prefer a healthier protein source, the Creole Grilled Chicken fits the bill perfectly. Every meal can be paired with two sides—there′s mashed potatoes, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, even rice.

On the question of dessert…it would be a shame to visit Mad Mark′s and not order their ice cream selections. The available flavors are written on a chalkboard menu, above the payment counter. Customers are also given the chance to taste the flavors. Similarly, Mad Mark′s also serves milkshakes and desserts that make use of their handmade ice cream.

There′s the Cheesecake—which is a composite dessert made of ice cream, sauce, and a cheese-filled pie. Another noteworthy dessert is the Rolling Dutchman—which consists of the handmade ice cream sandwiched between two pancakes, with cookie butter and chocolate hazelnut spread. Most of their branches carry the Cheesecake, but alas—only the Glorietta branch serves the Dutchman.

Ah, alright. I′ll stop with the wall of text here and show you pictures from their UP Town Center branch. Visit and like Mad Mark’s on Facebook and stay abreast with their latest promotions. Until the next review, bon appetit.

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats
2/F UP Town Center,
Katipunan Avenue, Brgy. UP Campus,
Diliman, Quezon City 1108

12 thoughts on “142 – On Honest Dairy Madness: Mad Mark’s, UP Town Center

  1. I think restaurants open their first branches in the southern area because most businesses and the CBD are there, giving them more customers during two crucial serving times in a working day. That or the gods of fortune favor the south. XD

    Anyway, I love Creole Grilled Chicken! It’s so good.
    While the Rolling Dutchman is good, the Fudge Liquid Cheesecake is the better one for me. Fresh chocolate ganache and ice cream is a huge treat!

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    • Point taken, Mati. Maybe restaurants test the waters down south to see how the concept will be received, then they move up north?

      Hehe, I’m on the other side of the fence though – the Fried Yard Bird is one dish I’d come back to. 😀 And was it the Rolling Dutchman? :O Thanks for the correction!

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      • Guess so. If your restaurant is right smack dab in the middle of the business district, it’s bound to gain attention. If it doesn’t, that’s a matter to consider with urgency.

        You’re welcome, Monch! I’d love to sample their other flavors, besides the ones that the wait staff recommend.

        Anyway, did you notice if they offer the Breakfast Ice Cream at the UPTC branch? It’s not on the menu, at least not at the G5 branch. But it’s on one of the blackboards on their wall. Kinda like a secret item hiding in plain sight. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm…is that the one with the cornflakes? I’ve also seen that flavor written on their blackboard menu, but I haven’t checked if they offer it. 😦

        I might visit UP Town sometime tomorrow or Friday, thus I can check it again. I’ll update you if they have it in stock. 😉

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