132 – Get Back

First things first.

If you’re connected to me via my old personal Facebook account, I owe you a rather long and overdue explanation and an apology at the same time. You might have noticed my sudden disappearance there and wondered exactly what happened. I posted one last status before I deleted that said account; however, some of you might have missed it. Well, here’s the main reason why I did so—and this is for the record.

Some things happened that almost compromised my relationship with CJ, and it was brought about by the consequences of my actions. I admit my hand in and take full responsibility for those things. Thus, I decided to get back to what really matters and focus on getting back my shit together.

Now that I’ve laid down my cards on the table, I just want to inform everyone I know who’s reading this post right now that I’m still here and alive, though I don’t know if things will turn out right. It may be difficult to do so, but I’ll try my best regardless of what consequence it may bring. I’m aware that some of you know my contact details, so just hit me up through those channels if you want to meet.

Here’s a recent selfie with Gretchen Ho.

On another note, I know most of you remember the time when I posted my frustration with repeatedly failing to land a new job. Well, I’m glad to announce that the woes have finally ended after seven months of scouring the job market. I finally found a new job, incidentally—at Eastwood City in Libis. My first job right after college (in 2012) was also in Libis, and I left after more than a year due to redundancy.

And incidentally, Eastwood City was also the place where this blog started out. I commenced work on The Monching’s Guide in late 2013, around the time when the redundancy was nearing. Three years down the line and more than 130 posts later, little did I know that I’ll be returning to where it all began.

Get back to where you once belonged…


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