130 – On Dining With Darius: Arya Persian Restaurant, Robinsons Magnolia

A lesson on Asian Civilization and History would not be complete without the mention of Persia. This ancient kingdom in the Middle East prides itself on being the cradle of civilization—as it is located in the Fertile Crescent region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Monarchs such as Darius I, his son Xerxes I (who invaded Greece), up until the last shah (king) Mohammed Reza Pahlavi have maintained the empire’s glory to the modern day—even when the kingdom has assumed a different name in the modern era: Iran. Pro-Islam forces led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini deposed Pahlavi during the 1979 Islamic Revolution and abolished the monarchy. Thus, the Islamic Republic of Iran came into being.

However, the spirit of Persia lives on—through its cuisine. I have seen Arya Persian Restaurant many times before, but initially hesitated to try it out. I admit, I’m not much of a fan of Persian or Middle Eastern cuisine for that matter. Discovering their Robinsons Magnolia branch was entirely by accident, since CJ and I were looking for a different dining spot. It helped that the discovery occurred a few days after I finished writing my review of Mister Kabab along West Avenue. Just like their tagline, we came inside as strangers to the cuisine itself and left with a new-found appreciation for it.

I must say that Arya Persian Restaurant is one of the more high-end Middle Eastern joints in the metro. The orders here typically cost around P300-P500 per person, but you get to taste Persian fare just like how they serve it in Iran. It has other branches in Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Promenade Greenhills, and two locations in Robinsons Place Manila. Many food bloggers rave about their kababs—which are packed with flavor and come in big servings. These are served with naan bread by default, but you can have it with long-grain basmati rice topped with butter or spiced biryani rice with raisins and cashews for an additional charge. Aside from kababs, they also serve a few uniquely Persian dishes. Desserts and drinks have a distinctive Middle Eastern flair—from chai (house tea) and Turkish style coffee, to baklava and fig and orange cake.

Below are some pictures of their delectable and exotic dishes that will take you right into the heart of Persia. Do visit their official website and Facebook page to stay connected. Until the next review, nooshe jan (have a nice meal)!

Arya Persian Restaurant
0271, Level 2 Alfresco Dining, Robinsons Magnolia,
Aurora Boulevard corner Doña M. Hemady Street,
New Manila, Quezon City 1111


11 thoughts on “130 – On Dining With Darius: Arya Persian Restaurant, Robinsons Magnolia

      • Yes, they are! A big one and a small one, both are standouts there. Although, I am curious why they have two branches in one mall. Then again, IDK about how strong the flow of customers are there.

        And yes! I’d love to meet up with you.

      • I posit that there are a lot of Middle Easterners in the Malate area, given its reputation as a red-light district. Maybe the owners found it profitable to establish two spots; an indoor one for hungry customers, and an outdoor one for those who want to smoke hookahs. 🙂

        Hmm…for the second one, you can drop me a line at the.monchings.guide@gmail.com and I’ll reply ASAP. 😉

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