125 – On A Gastronomic Caravan Across The Dunes: Mister Kabab, West Avenue

The Middle East isn’t exactly receiving a lot of positive publicity in recent years, but it cannot be denied that the region’s cuisine is indeed noteworthy. Middle Eastern cuisine uses a lot of native herbs and spices to make their foods more exotic and inviting. The fiery desert sun and cold nights lend an element of intensity to their dishes—much more heightened with the use of spice mixes like harissa, ras el hanout, and baharat. Meats such as lamb and beef are mainly used, owing to the pastoral nature of Middle Eastern peoples. Pork is interestingly absent from their cuisine, owing to the Islamic regulations forbidding its consumption (haram). The presence of major bodies of water—the Mediterranean and Arabian seas, and the gulfs of Oman and Aden—allows them to enjoy fish and seafood in its abundance.

Thankfully, I don’t have to buy a plane ticket to any of the Middle Eastern countries just to have a taste of their gastronomic specialties. Mister Kabab is situated along West Avenue in Quezon City, just a few blocks away from the corner of Del Monte Avenue. They have established some branches in other locations (Fairview Terraces, UP-Ayala TechnoHub, Fisher Mall, and SMDC Mezza Residences), but people still frequent this location as they say the food tastes better here. It has also gained a following among Iranian dentistry students from Centro Escolar University in Manila, who want to have a taste of their homeland in the Philippines.

Mister Kabab serves both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, but they tweaked the spice levels to appeal to both Filipino and foreign diners alike. Compared to their other branches, this main location is open 24/7. The fact that they don’t close is good when you crave some beef kebabs in korma (spicy sauce) and biryani rice in the middle of the night; just drive by and enjoy. If you ask me though, I’m personally disappointed that they no longer serve hazelnut and cashew baklava (pastry made from filo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey). Only the pistachio variant is served up until today.

Some pictures from my trip to Mister Kabab’s flagship branch can be seen below. Do like their official Facebook page and be informed with their latest promotions. Until the next review, bil-hana wa ash-shifa (may you have your meal with gladness and health).

Mister Kabab Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine
31 West Avenue,
Barangay Nayong Kanluran,
Quezon City 1104


16 thoughts on “125 – On A Gastronomic Caravan Across The Dunes: Mister Kabab, West Avenue

  1. This branch looks similar to the one at UP Technohub–unless it’s been changed since 2013.
    And this branch has that maintained its Middle Eastern feel, unlike the Fisher Mall branch.

    Their baklava used to have two variants. Sadly, it’s now just one.

    • Hmm…their latest branches look modern – too modern, if you ask me. Fairview Terraces, Mezza Residences, Fisher Mall, and the new one in Cubao: all of them are 50% modern and 50% Middle Eastern when it comes to design.

      For their baklava, they actually had four in the main branch (hazelnut, cashew, macadamia, and pistachio) – but sadly, only the last one remains. I loved the hazelnut variant 😦

      • Yep, they had four variants. Until one day when I dined there.

        Asked the server why they discontinued the other three, and apparently – the cost of the nuts for the filling was the main reason (aside from the pistachio one selling a lot more).

  2. I love mister Kabab! It’s a good thing that there is a branch near our office at Pearl Drive Ortigas. My default order is special beef chelo kabab double ground with extra tomatoes! =)

  3. kung tama ako, may branch nito sa pearl drive, ortigas dati. hindi ako kumakain ng shawarma at cucumber pero may isa silang dish na ito yung mga ingredients. wow sarap na sarap ako.

    ma-try nga yan sa west ave. akala ko wala na kasi kung tama rin ako ang puwesto nyan dati ay sa shakey’s ngayon.

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    • No worries, you’ll eventually find yourself in the area again. 🙂 And yes, the trip to this branch is way better – hindi raw gaanong naaabot ng ibang branches yung quality dito, especially the mall-based ones.

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