124 – On Channeling The 1950s And The Quarrymen

Before The Beatles, the so-called Fab Four, there was a skiffle band in Liverpool known as The Quarrymen. The group included a young John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and performed skiffle tunes—offshoots of blues and jazz music that utilized improvised instruments such as tea-chest basses and banjos made from cigar boxes. However, skiffle didn’t last and was quickly overtaken by rock and roll music. Beatlemania arrived soon after, with its suits and mop-top hairstyles.

Most of The Quarrymen’s pictures show them wearing checkered polos, a signature of 1950s fashion that is among the standard pieces in today’s wardrobe. Enter this red and black flannel shirt from Uniqlo. Tartans are timeless patterns for any piece, and I believe its design wouldn’t fall out of place in the 1950s post-war era. Compared to the ones typically worn by lumberjacks, this flannel shirt from Uniqlo’s fall / winter collection is surprisingly lighter.

I usually pair this with blue jeans, but I decided on black jeans by Wrangler to give it a more legitimate ’50s feel. I bought the jeans above for P1,000; however, the fit was apparently designed for a tall Caucasian. Thankfully, Wrangler Denim Bar in Fairview Terraces altered the black jeans to fit me better. I recommend bringing your Wrangler bottoms to their two branches (Fairview Terraces and Glorietta) and they’ll modify or repair it without any cost. You read that right—as long as it’s a pair of Wrangler pants, alterations are absolutely free of charge!

Given that it was hipster central over at UP Town Center when we shot this, everyone was wearing their beloved pair of Dr. Marten’s work boots. I chose not to join the crowd, preferring my half-wing brogues from Geox in natural brown. Despite the fact that I own a pair of suede chukka boots in dark brown, I’d set that aside for another look. It was a good decision, to say the least; the soles of this pair are similar to that of the Dr. Marten’s signature pieces—both well-suited for any terrain.

Now, can somebody give me a Les Paul?

Red and black checkered flannel shirt: Uniqlo
Belt: Fisher Mall Department Store
Watch: UniSilver Time
Black jeans: Wrangler
Light brown half-wing brogues: Geox

And oh, in case you might be wondering; yes, we went to Satchmi Vinyl Day 2016. Click on the image below to see our shots from the event, though they’re not much substantial.


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