120 – On Global Coffee Just Around The Corner: Equatorial Coffee, F. Dela Rosa Street

I’ve been frequenting the Katipunan area for the past few Sundays, mainly because I’ve been bringing CJ to her review classes for the law school entrance examinations. Once I drop her off, I usually park at Regis Center across Ateneo (if I’m not in the mood to leave my vehicle at UP Town) and hear Mass at Our Lady of Pentecost a short walk away. However, right after the Mass – I prefer spending the remaining free time I have somewhere near the vicinity. See, the review center where CJ attends classes is near Regis; I simply wait for her until 12:00 noon so we can have lunch together.

Enter Equatorial Coffee, along F. Dela Rosa. This small coffee shop is neatly situated in a spot amidst other landmarks familiar to the Katipunan crowd: KFC, the MyPlace dormitory, the Blue Skies and Mineski computer shops, and arts and crafts store Common Room. They pride themselves in serving third-wave coffee from various corners of the globe, but I think they serve the most affordable third-wave coffee in the area. Initially, I wasn’t convinced at first; but after seeing this feature by Inna of thisinnagirl, I finally decided to give it a try. In time, Equatorial Coffee became an obligatory stop for me whenever I waited for CJ.

They also have rice meals and desserts, aside from hot and cold beverages. All-day breakfast? Check. Evening rice meals for dinner? Check. Waffles to pair off with your coffee? Check. Cakes for your sweet tooth? Check. Personally noteworthy in the sweets category are their lava cake and New York cheesecake. On the other hand, their chicken tocino and salpicao are must-try savories. And the best part? Even their food choices don’t burn a hole in your pocket. No wonder I returned here more than once. Now that CJ’s review for the law school entrance exam is over, I honestly missed Equatorial Coffee.

Here are some pictures from my visits to that quaint little coffee shop over at F. Dela Rosa. Do visit their Facebook page here to stay updated. Until the next review, bon appetit.

(Oh, and by the way – apologies in advance if it will take me some time to post new food entries. My smartphone’s files got wiped with no chance of recovery, so I have to start from square one.)

Equatorial Coffee
325 F. Dela Rosa Street
Brgy. Loyola Heights,
Quezon City 1108


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