119 – On An Overhaul While On Hiatus

If you see the featured photo for this entry, you might recognize it as the blog’s old banner image. I used it from May 2015 until a few days ago; not bad for an initial 10 months of exposure.  Time for a change.

Above are the new header images I used for the blog. I decided to use four separate images as headers on a whim, just to provide some dynamism over at this joint. Makeup fans might recognize the font I used for these banners as coming from Lush Cosmetics. You might ask why, so here’s my answer: I think the font is fantastic for something hand-written. (Yes, I’m also a fan of Lush products – surprisingly – but their men’s products appeal to me the most.)

About the job hunt…I’ve totally stopped looking ever since the last company I applied for never contacted me about another opening. Couple that with staggering financial burdens, and I’m short of declaring bankruptcy. For the meantime, I’ll hold out until I pay all the outstanding obligations I have. I’m also thinking about delving into freelance writing – just so I have some supplementary income in case I decide to leave (so as not to bum around).

Aside from that, I’ve also been recently traveling to other places with CJ. We went to Palawan two weeks ago, and we visited Boracay prior to that. (Here’s a video of yours truly trying out the tamilok – mangrove wood worm – which is a local delicacy in Palawan.) Compared to our previous trip in Cebu last year, I didn’t encounter any problems while on the plane. However, if there’s one thing I absolutely detest – it’s a smartphone breaking down right after a software update. Even worse when three days’ worth of pictures and a chock full of Beatles tracks are stuck – with possibly no hope of being recovered. (Above are some pictures I uploaded prior to the smartphone’s failure, managed to get them from my Facebook account.) This is why I prefer using an old-school cellphone that’s more dependable.

I even lost more motivation to write after that unfortunate incident…and now, I hope to get it back.

Meanwhile, I’ll be leaving you with this short message: all you need is love.

(P. S.: Remember my friend Wil, who I mentioned in this post from two years ago? Do check out his blog HERE to read more of his stories.)

7 thoughts on “119 – On An Overhaul While On Hiatus

  1. you too! Don’t you just wanna hate hate hate! I brought my sister’s phone for repair and thank God it can be repaired but very costly. But you know, we love our photos so I have no choice. Nice photos by the way!

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