118 – On Signature Jackets

This jacket is the stuff of legend.

Celebrities that have worn this include actors Steve McQueen (Bullitt) and Daniel Craig (Skyfall and Spectre), and musicians Elvis Presley (The King of Rock and Roll) and Frank Sinatra (yes, the Chairman of the Board). It’s also a mainstay in the mod subculture; mods usually pair off this jacket with a Fred Perry polo shirt, a pair of jeans, and Clarks desert boots.

Originally priced at P3,200, this Harrington Jacket from Old Navy sports the feel of its high-end cousin – the Baracuta G9. Thankfully, I managed to score this at an awesome discount—more than half its original price off. But you might have asked: where did the jacket get its name? Apparently from Rodney Harrington, a character in the 1960s American soap opera Peyton Place. Talk about leaving a legacy.

What I liked most about this jacket is its versatility, regardless of what shirt you wear. Whether it’s a casual crew-neck or a collared polo, the Harrington adds a touch of bad-ass to your everyday garb. Besides, who wouldn’t want to look like a celebrity? Well, I looked grungy in the first set – with casual shirt and all – as those shots were taken before our trip to Felipe & Sons Barberdashery in Ortigas.

A change of garb followed after the haircut, from laid-back floral to something more akin to the mods. This polo shirt paired off well with the jacket – though it concealed the contrasting sleeves of the former. A pair of tapered jeans and the black brogues from Hush Puppies I bought two years ago capped off the entire look.

Nothing bad making your jacket game too strong, yes?

Navy blue Harrington jacket: Old Navy
Sky blue floral shirt: Ducks Unlimited
Cream polo shirt: Bench
Belt: McJim
Watch: Forever 21
Backpack: Adidas
Jeans: PAGE Jeans
Black wingtip brogues: Hush Puppies


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