117 – On Trying Out Papi Fashion

Five months since I started looking for new opportunities, and here I am – still losing the game after many tries. Regardless, I’ve gone to one last interview and I’m waiting for its outcome. If I make it, well and good. I don’t get accepted, so be it. I’ve come to terms with being unable to find myself in a new place for a long time. Besides, the older generation which I can identify myself with tend to stay in their jobs for more than 40 years. Might as well put my money where my mouth is, right?

But enough of that for now. Today’s millennial male wears preppy fashion pieces like floral button-down polos, tailored shorts folded at the hem, and Sperry boat shoes. In Ateneo, such fashion is called papi fashion – typically associated with Management students. I’m no Management graduate, but that doesn’t stop me from pulling off this look. CJ mentioned that I looked like former Manila mayor Lito Atienza who wore floral polos and white khakis, though.

I bought the floral polo at Bench’s UP Town Center outlet for an awesome price of P345 – and this one fits perfectly. The khaki wasn’t a problem as I had one in my wardrobe. I have a longer story for the shoes, however. I was averse to using these shoes, originally colored tan, as they got easily stained and didn’t repel water. But having the shoes dyed in black color and waterproofed made it usable once more. Besides, they looked like boat shoes anyways!

You may say I look like a tourist, or Lito Atienza. (At least I didn’t wear a checkered polo and look like Alfredo Lim. It would have been different if I wore a barong Tagalog and looked like current Manila mayor Joseph Estrada!) But let me tell you one thing: I’m not your papi Willie, so don’t ask me for a jacket…unless you’re Everlyn, to which I’ll give you mine.

Blue floral short-sleeve polo: Bench
Khaki pants: Paddocks Jeans
Black suede ankle-length boat shoes: Geox (recolored to black)
Watch: Q&Q


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