103 – On Tough Dogs And Tough Shoes

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: All opinions in this entry are solely that of my own, and I received no compensation whatsoever from Hush Puppies Philippines for this post. Save for the pair of slip-on oxford shoes I received as a gift, I personally bought the shoes featured here.)

Hush Puppies has been familiar to me ever since my youth. To the student that I was years ago, it was more of a high-end brand. The only time that I would be able to own a pair was either to get one as a gift, or save up a lot of money. My first pair only came as late as 2012, as a birthday present from Dad. Fast forward to October of last year; I bought a pair of black long-wing brogues from their 1958 Collection. Another purchase soon followed, a pair of military-style mid-cut boots.

I mentioned earlier about my impression of Hush Puppies as a high-end brand. Yes, it is one in a way – but for a good reason. Every pair is made for daily use and really lasts long. Expensive? If you ask me, some of their latest styles are in the budget-friendly range. I’m a size 12 and finding shoes that fit is figuratively a Herculean task – but Hush Puppies pairs are a snug fit. I’m a fan of classic shoes and it’s good that the brand carries affordable pairs. Here’s a tip: the Hush Puppies boutique at Gateway Mall in Cubao sells some classic designs at reduced prices. If you’re far from Araneta Center, department stores carrying Hush Puppies shoes have some discounted pairs; just ask the sales personnel.

I’ll be featuring three shoes from the brand that I currently use, and the clothes I usually pair them off with.

As I mentioned in the Author’s Note, this pair of slip-on oxford shoes has been with me for three years. Its most striking quality is the split toe and U-shaped design on the upper. It would have been great if this was a lace-up shoe for a more secure fit, but this slip-on works fine. It has a soft lining with an equally soft and sturdy foot bed, which is absolutely comfortable once worn. Job interviews would require a lot of walking, and this pair is tough enough for the urban jungle.

(Clockwise from upper left)
Knit cardigan: H&M
White polo shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Khaki pants: GQ International
Socks: Uniqlo

I usually reserve these slip-on oxfords every Monday, when everyone is in polos and slacks. They look rather large on my feet so I pair them off with flat-front khaki pants from GQ International. A white polo shirt with a chambray collar gives the impression that I’m wearing a white polo shirt. Finally, the navy blue knit cardigan finishes the garb off without looking too formal. The top button on the polo shirt, I can either fix or I can leave it as is.

I bought this pair of long-wing brogues from the Hush Puppies 1958 Collection in October 2014, and it has seen active service as a driving shoe. The thick sole allows it to withstand both stepping on a diesel vehicle’s pedals and walking on city streets. A lace-up configuration makes for a snug fit, which this shoe perfectly delivers. The brogue design on this pair says tough and classy at the same time. While the outside may look intimidating, the insole is soft—perfect for all-day wear.

(Clockwise from upper left)
Half-zip fleece sweatshirt: Uniqlo
Green polo shirt: Folded & Hung
Grey chinos: Bossini
Socks: Ducks Unlimited
Belt: McJim

Brogues are best worn during the middle of the week, when Monday’s formality transitions towards casual Friday. This pair is best worn with grey chinos, perfect for smart casual office dress codes. It also helps that grey’s neutrality fits with both green and black. The half-zip sweater from Uniqlo tops it all off, whenever it’s cold in the office. Simply pop it on when the temperature goes down, and pull up the sleeves for a laid-back feel.

Nothing says bad-ass like a pair of military-style mid-cut boots, and Hush Puppies delivers with this one. Purchased only last September 2015, this is a no-nonsense pair at first glance. I had a bit of difficulty at first with its lace hooks since I’m used to eyelets, but I got over that in a short time. A hard rubber sole makes it a fantastic shoe for both driving and walking. If there was a high-cut version of this shoe that reached beyond the ankles, I’d gladly buy it.

(Clockwise from upper left)
Red sweatshirt: Zara
Navy blue polo shirt: Nautica
Tapered jeans: Wrangler
Socks: Uniqlo
Belt: Surplus Shop

I always welcome the weekend with casual wear, with a pair of denim jeans as mainstays. This outfit combination always works for dress-down Fridays and weekend trips. The navy blue shirt and denim pants complement each other, and is my go-to outfit during relaxed times. In all honesty, I like how the mid-cut boots add a touch of urban tough with a bit of ruggedness. Providing a contrast from the all-blue outfit and protection from the cold is this red sweater from Zara.

It’s amazing to know that behind the cute basset hound on their shoe boxes, Hush Puppies shoes are literally “tough dogs”. Shoes that last long and are comfortable to wear—no wonder the brand has stayed for a long time. Hush Puppies shoes are available in major department stores and shopping malls nationwide. Do visit their official website and Facebook page to see their newest designs.

Until the next post.


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