99 – On Stopping By For A Mid-October Post

I guess a significant period of time has passed since I last posted something, so I owe you readers an update.

Trello screenshot, and what to expect when I come back.

As of this typing, I’m taking my sweet time off and enjoying what life has to offer—beyond the laptop screen and the monotony of the daily grind. I’m also taking my time when it comes to writing new entries for the blog. See, I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I still have a lot of pictures and content that need to be processed – and I need to keep that in order.

Good thing there’s Trello. It’s a site that allows you to organize your pending tasks into cards and classify them into groups. Once you’re done with a task, just drag the card with the task on it towards the “Done” group. We use this website at work to keep track of various jobs, so might as well make use of it now.

Mini Xuxos (left) and Churroreo (right).

In other news, Churreria La Lola finally opened a new branch at SM Megamall. This new location at the Atrium is perfect for those who crave churros (or enjoyed La Lola’s churros at other branches). We also had a taste of the Mini Xuxos and Churroreo—a delectable fusion of ice cream and their signature offering. Both were always unavailable at La Lola’s UP Town Center branch, and it was a relief to finally have a taste of these two.

The Mini Xuxos consists of dulce de leche-filled mini churros, served on a bed of matcha ice cream. The Churroreo, on the other hand, has mini churros coated in dark chocolate on a bed of vanilla ice cream—with caramel syrup to top it all off.

I didn’t make that Instagram account. (From one of our weekend SM Megamall trips.)

Before I leave, however, I’d like to promote two new links on this blog. First is the official Instagram account of The Monching’s Guide, that features our exploits outside of this blog. Do note that CJ will be handling the Instagram account, as I do not own a smartphone myself (and most likely I won’t be owning one in the future).

From a recent day off, where I finished some backlogs.

Another link I’d like to promote here would be the new Blog Policy section. It’s time I drew the line about the rules here, and seeing no guideline page made me work on this ASAP. I encourage first-time readers to stop by first and read this section for their own good.

And that’s it for me.


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