89 – On A Possible Twilight Zone Plot

Picture this.

A man in his middle age, tired of his various failures along the way and lack of achievement, is given the chance to participate in a revolutionary physics experiment. The project involves time travel—specifically to the past. With nothing to lose, he signs up with hopes that he can go back to his college days and make everything right.

The project’s head scientist asked him why he chose this particular time to return to, and his simple response was: college was the time that he could have done better and done more. Determining the answer as satisfactory, the man is accepted. The head scientist and the traveler then proceed with the experiment.

Both men reach the past, and the traveler meets his younger self—he uses a different name lest the younger one does not understand the reason why he is here. He then has two choices: either to help his younger self avoid his previous mistakes and steer him towards a better path, or watch from the sidelines as a bystander while his younger self carves his own path without assistance from anybody.

However, the head scientist reveals a paradox: due to the laws of physics, only one version of a person should exist in a regular timeline moving forward. The traveler is then faced with two choices. Either he lets himself fade away and his younger self continues existing and changing everything with his new choices; or he lets his younger self fade away and continues existing unaffected in the status quo.

Will he be able to change the course of his existence and rectify everything wrong he did in the past?


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