83 – On Mathematical Musings: Pi Breakfast and Pies, Malingap Street

After our trip to Cat Cafe Manila, we walked around Maginhawa Street to find a good place for dinner. There are times that you will feel overwhelmed about where to eat—despite the abundance of food spots along that stretch. However, our cravings kicked in at the right time; she wanted to have pie, while I wanted an omelette. CJ remembered Pi Breakfast and Pies from an article she read over the Internet. Without hesitation, we walked towards Malingap Street.

Let me diverge a bit before I proceed. I’ve hated math for as long as I remember. The difficult equations and confusing figures traumatized me a lot of times during my school years. I generally performed well and had good grades, but a low grade in math brought everything down. Verbal scoldings that followed after teacher consultations marked every time that I flunked the subject. I graduated from elementary and high school, yet that hatred and fear of math followed me until college. It even affected the degree I chose; I’m good with anything as long as there’s no mathematics to deal with. As I mentioned in a previous post, I failed the very first math subject I took—right smack in my freshman year. I made it out and moved on from that, but the scar will forever be imprinted in my memory – and in my Form 138 (transcript of records).

Now, where were we…oh, right. We finally arrived at Pi Breakfast and Pies (also rendered π Breakfast and Pies). It’s located near the Social Weather Station (SWS) offices, the agency that conducts interviews and surveys about the current political tide. The value pi (π) is a mathematical constant, representing the number 3.1416 (more or less). It is present in geometric equations for circles, such as πr² (area of a circle) and 2πr (circumference of a circle). Sounds complicated, yes? Despite the mention of “pi” in the restaurant’s name, there’s nothing mathematically confusing here. Pi Breakfast and Pies is another concept restaurant by Chef Ed Bugia, the same person behind Filipino restaurant Pino and vegetarian joint Pipino. Incidentally, these three restaurants are right beside each other—highlighting the wordplay in their names through the addition of two letters: Pi, Pino, Pipino.

Just like its name, Pi serves breakfast meals all day – from the time they open, until they wrap up. They also have baked specialties for those who prefer light fare; even the bread for their French toast is made in-house. The drop lights with the cage-like housing contributed an industrial feel to the place. In addition, all the chairs were unique for every table—with no two being similar. I have a feeling that these were odd ones taken from garage sales and old houses. Of course, it would be a shame if we did not try out their pies—which were available during our visit.

Enough of the introductions, and let’s proceed with the pictures. Do check out their Facebook page here to stay updated with their latest promotions. Until the next review, bon appetit.

Pi Breakfast and Pies (π Breakfast and Pies)
39 Malingap Street
Teacher’s Village,
Quezon City 1101


4 thoughts on “83 – On Mathematical Musings: Pi Breakfast and Pies, Malingap Street

    • Hehe, saw your post – and in all honesty, I think that post was the one girlfriend saw that made us go there! 😀

      Nice to know you guys managed to try out the apple pie (aside from the key lime); if not for money issues, we should have tried the s’mores pie XD

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