Our family has this particular habit of attending the Saturday night anticipated masses, so we end up with a lot of time to rest during Sunday. Just like families going out after church, there are times that we go out for dinner somewhere – either at a mall or a restaurant. On this particular trip, however, we decided to try out Burgoo at Fairview Terraces. The mall happened to be a 15-minute drive away, and they had a free coupon for an order of Burgoo Sampler.

Burgoo serves American diner favorites like buffalo wings, hamburgers, baby back ribs, and steaks. The interiors are reminiscent of family diners in the United States, and cultural memorabilia such as pictures and commemorative license plates contribute to the warm ambiance. It was perfect for a family dinner – something we enjoyed that night.

I’ll stop here and proceed with the pictures for this triptych. Do like their Facebook page for more updates and promotions. Until the next post.

Supreme Sampler

Burgoo Kebabs

Supreme Pizza


81 – On Post-Church Meals: Triptych 11

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