80 – On Feline Frolicking: Cat Cafe Manila, Maginhawa Street

Let me start with this confession: I’m not exactly a cat person. Don’t get me wrong though; I don’t hate cats, it’s just that I’m not one to prefer them as pets. We have four dogs at home that stay outside, but I don’t handle them mainly because I have allergies – and pet hair isn’t exactly a good thing for people like me. The girlfriend, however, is a fan of furry animals. She has a certain affinity for dogs and cats, being a proud canine owner herself. There are times that she would tag me in Facebook posts about cats, or send me GIF images of that cute gray tabby Pusheen that she gets from Tumblr. Yeah, I do admit that felines are cute.

One time, CJ told me about the newly-opened Cat Cafe Manila located along Maginhawa street in UP Village. She looked forward to visiting and wanted to show me the cats there as it was her first time to enter one. After buying two tickets for the 4:00 to 5:00 pm slot, I arranged for us to park at Dad’s office (he works along Matalino street) so we can simply ride a tricycle to go there. Incidentally, the building where the cafe was looked familiar; we had already visited it last December! We went up the stairs to the cat cafe, but we weren’t able to go inside the cafe area as it was still full. After walking around and waiting, we managed to enter the cafe. I took an anti-histamine tablet to keep safe, washed my hands, removed my shoes, and registered at the log sheet before proceeding to the main area.

I’m 101% sure that feline lovers who visit Cat Cafe Manila will enjoy this cat paradise. Cat-themed merchandise such as bags, stickers, power banks, and a lot more greet you upon entry. The (human) food consisting of cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods are placed in an adjacent display cabinet. Written in chalk above the counter is the cafe’s full menu, mostly hot drinks and light fare. Turn left, and you’ll see the cafe’s main dining / petting area. The entire establishment is basically designed like a cat’s playpen complete with scratching posts, hanging hammocks for naps, and a giant wheel. We paid P200 for the entrance ticket: P100 can be consumed for food and drinks during the stay, while the other P100 goes to the cats’ upkeep and maintenance. Cat Cafe Manila also serves as a home for cats that were rescued – with the felines undergoing veterinary checkups, treatment, and neutering. Customers can take a step further by adopting the cats in the cafe, to train them in becoming responsible pet owners.

I won’t focus on the food for this entry; rather, I’ll elaborate more on our experience during our visit through the photos below. Do check out their Facebook pageΒ andΒ Twitter accountΒ for more updates (and pictures of their cute cats).

Until the next post.

Cat Cafe Manila
2/F 189 Maginhawa corner Makadios Street
Sikatuna Village, Diliman
Quezon City 1101


5 thoughts on “80 – On Feline Frolicking: Cat Cafe Manila, Maginhawa Street

  1. The cats are cute! I love that they have cat merchandise as well. I need to visit this place!~

    PS: I used to not be a cat person either, until chance had me rescuing a disabled kitten last year. I now have four cats. >_< πŸ˜›

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