79 – On Waterproofing Driving Shoes

AUTHOR’S NOTE:Β I only had the time to go back to this post again just now, and sadly – Manila Sole has long closed shop. The pair of shoes I wrote about in this entry lasted for more than a year since I wrote this entry, with the canvas uppers finally giving way around September 2016. Regardless, Manila Sole will be very much missed. Timestamp: 5 April 2019, 07:11 am.

Ever since I bought a pair of driving shoes from Manila Sole, I haven’t stopped raving about the brand. Utilizing old tires and conveyor belts for shoe soles, they managed to give these a new life – saving them from the landfill. Marikina craftsmanship, hip designs, and soles tough enough for vehicle pedals are the trademarks for this brand. My current pair of size 12 Rizal shoes (black and charcoal gray) that I bought during the MUNI Market Day are doing fine two months after purchase. This is because I only wear them during casual Fridays and the weekend.

During my two months of using the shoes, I noticed two downsides: the thin foam lining in the insoles, and the canvas material that easily got stained and absorbed water. I managed to solve the first one after purchasing the Profoot Super Sport Arch Support insoles (P495, discounted price P450) at True Value so I get extra support, especially at the heel and arch areas. The good thing about these is that they only occupied the heel portion, the only part of the shoe that needed additional foam. I didn’t have much problems with the upper part of the shoe lining (where my toes are), so I can say that the Profoot insoles remedied the issue.

Waterproofing the shoes is equally important to protect it from splashes and stains. For this task, I used the Burlington Shucare Nano Waterproofer (P495, discounted price P445) I bought at Wellworth Fairview Terraces. This was rather hard to find in SM Department Store and Landmark Trinoma, so it was a relief to have found this at a nearby mall. A large can is good for protecting two to three pairs of shoes for a long time. Prior to this pair, I used the waterproofer on a pair of brown chukka boots I have – and they’re doing great.

Below are some progress pictures as to how I waterproofed the pair of Manila Sole shoes I bought last March. Click on this link to see the entire album on Facebook. Until the next post.

7 thoughts on “79 – On Waterproofing Driving Shoes

    • Yes, it does work on Converse sneakers. πŸ˜‰

      I first tried the product on a pair of GBX sneakers I had – and it held out nicely, deflecting water stains. About two or three coats to the entire shoe will keep it in tip-top shape.


    • Hello there. πŸ™‚

      One coating of the waterproof spray tends to last around a year; the pair of shoes I used for this entry still resist light drizzles. If you frequently use the pair, you might have to repeat it once or twice per month just to maintain its water resistance. Apparently, the waterproofing tends to wear off with constant use; I only used these sneakers every Friday, so it was also a factor for the coating’s longevity.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜‰


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