77 – On Her Majesty’s Menu: The Royal Piccadilly, Katipunan Avenue

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This restaurant is now defunct, with its location in Petron Katipunan already vacated. Timestamp: 3 May 2017, 07:49 am.)

Ever since it opened in 2013, The Royal Piccadilly along Katipunan Avenue had been in my “to-review” list for some time now. I was supposed to dine here last year with a friend, but unfortunately—the place was reserved for a private function until evening. Thus, I just set my trip there at a later date. However, fate has a nice way of making things work out. Weeks before, CJ and I ate at another British-themed restaurant – The Eatles, located along P. Noval. Our meal there failed to satisfy me, and I suddenly craved for fish and chips soon enough. A friend suggested Chuck’s Grub, a local food stall selling the traditional British snack.

Out of nowhere, The Royal Piccadilly came into my mind. Since this is a British-themed restaurant, I’m deducing that they have fish and chips here. It would be a shame if they did not carry such a dish. Thus, CJ and I visited the place after we went to work last April 9 (Day of Valor, a regular holiday in the Philippines). I guess Chuck’s Grub will have to wait. Fortunately, there were no private functions in the restaurant unlike last year – so we were able to have an early dinner and some afternoon tea. The Royal Piccadilly is easy to spot; it’s located at the second floor of the Petron service station along Katipunan Avenue (right beside La Vista), above Starbucks.

If The Eatles evoked the aura of Abbey Road, The Royal Piccadilly reminded diners of an English country home. White was as the overwhelming color inside the restaurant, with a two-fold purpose. It gave the illusion of a larger space and served as a canvas displaying the different knickknacks related to the United Kingdom’s culture. Cakes and cupcakes were displayed near the counter, catching the eye as soon as one enters. One side of the restaurant was allocated and converted to shelves that showed British home decors. Teas from Twinings and a wide selection of brews adorned the bar area, whilst spirits such as vodka and whisky lined the back of the bar for easy access. A tea house at day, a pub at night.

I’ll stop at this point and let the pictures below elaborate on our meal. Visit their Facebook page, and do follow their blog while you’re at it. Also stop by Cottontail Cake Studio; this is also operated by The Royal Piccadilly’s owners. Until the next review, bon appetit.

The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery
2/F Petron La Vista
Katipunan Avenue cor. Mangyan Road
Diliman, Quezon City 1101

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