73 – On Denouements: La Creperie, Katipunan Avenue

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: As per CJ’s information and a clarification via their official Facebook page, this branch has already closed. Timestamp: 19 January 2016, 08:52 am.)

Step inside to see a world of wonder that awaits.

Reminders of the countryside.

*cue in All You Need Is Love by The Beatles*

Before 2015 started, I had a few restaurants on my backlog that were pending a visit. I’ve plotted them out since last year but I only had the chance to catch up now. Among these dining spots was La Creperie’s Katipunan branch. If you will remember, I previously featured their Robinsons Galleria and EDSA Shangri-La branches. Fortunately, I had the chance to visit after undergoing our company’s annual physical examination. I just ordered two dessert crepes during this visit as I already had lunch that time.

Wine bottles just right above my seat.

Painting of a roadside Parisian cafe at night.

Artistic nude.

La Creperie is tucked in a hidden corner of Loyola Heights—near the barangay hall. To go there, walk the stretch of Park 9 Alley just beside Regis Center (and near the blue overpass) – then turn right. Whereas the two previous branches remind me of Parisian roadside cafes, this branch has a more rural air to it with its grey cobblestone walls. Consistently fast service is this establishment’s hallmark; a member of their wait staff promptly escorted me to a table and politely asked for my order. It so happened that they had a free coffee promotion for every dessert crepe you order from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. Seeing this, I took advantage of the promotion and immediately ordered two crepes. Now that’s about P200 automatically saved! Barely have I written a full sentence in my writing journal for this review when—lo and behold! My crepes are here! Wow, talk about speedy – considering this is a gourmet restaurant.

Churro Crepe (P195): Perfect for experimentation.

Dip it into the small cup, or eat as is and follow with a sip from the larger one.

Let’s start with the Churro Crepe (P195). It’s a basic crepe topped with sugar and cinnamon, served with two cups of chocolate. Both have the right amount of bittersweet taste and tsokolate eh consistency. Being the economical diner that I am, I used the smaller cup for this dish and saved the bigger one for later. You can either dip the crepe in chocolate just like the real thing, or eat it as is – followed by a sip of the chocolate. In all honesty, the crepe tastes rather bland sans the sugar—only serving as a vehicle for the sugar and cinnamon. Dipping it in the chocolate balances out the bland taste and sweetness. Surprisingly, the sweetness is just right that I didn’t find the need to add sugar with my coffee. All in all, the Churro Crepe is a dessert best for a diner’s experimentation. Now I’m starting to crave for Dulcinea’s churros

Crepas de Cajetas (P195): La Creperie nailed this Mexican specialty.

Sadly, the whipped cream already melted by the time I ate it.

After the one above, I proceeded with the second dessert crepe I ordered: the Crepas de Cajetas (P195). This was a Mexican specialty – according to their menu. It’s a basic crepe topped with whipped cream, dulce de leche, and chopped walnut. A bite of the crepe reveals dulce de leche filing inside the packet. I wouldn’t have considered ordering this one, if not for the toppings; it uses the same base as the Churro Crepe. The sweet and creamy dulce de leche serves as the foil to the salty and crunchy walnuts. Despite melting by the time I ate the crepe, the whipped cream lent a subtle sweetness that highlighted the dulce‘s taste. I can’t really say which of these two crepes are better, so I’m putting this on the same level –both 100% in my book.

I just have no idea when the promo ends.

Fantastic cup of black coffee to accompany my crepes.

No sugar needed.

I’m not going to elaborate on the coffee at this point, as this trip introduced me to the wonders of black coffee. I appreciated drinking the brew as is; typically, I put sugar and creamer in my coffee. Both crepes paired neatly with it and, coupled with the fact that it was free, made my last La Creperie review unforgettable. On a side note, this post formally mark the essay-style entry for the food category. I’ll be doing the text + gallery format for future restaurant reviews (though, I’ve used it for some time now).

This may be the last time I’ll see this menu, but let me say I really enjoyed La Creperie.

Little, happy moments? Yes, every time I ate at La Creperie.

Give their official Facebook page a visit by clicking on the link. Until the next review, bon appetit.

La Creperie 
88 Esteban Abada Street
Brgy. Loyola Heights,
Quezon City 1108

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