71 – On Seeking Pleasures: Magnum Manila Cafe, SM Aura

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This establishment is already defunct as of July 26, 2015. Timestamp: 4 July 2016, 10:14 am.)

Among the things CJ and I needed to cross out from our list would be a trip to the Taguig area, specifically the Bonifacio High Street and its adjacent areas. This includes the nearby Central Square, Serendra, and SM Aura Premier. Fortunately, we had our chance to visit last February 28 – a Saturday in which both of us were available. I wanted to visit the Great British Festival at High Street, while CJ wanted to try out the Magnum Cafe at SM Aura before it closed down (it was a pop-up cafe that was only open for one year). This trip actually hit two birds with one stone.

If you remember some years ago, there was the “Magnum hype” that involved some people posting receipts and popsicle sticks on social media. Apparently, these proofs of purchase aimed to show other users that these people can afford to buy Magnum ice cream – which costs P50 a piece. Eventually, this died down – and not even the launch of Magnum Gold ice cream (a version with salted caramel) was able to bring the hype back. The opening of the Magnum Cafe was a different story, however. The “make your own Magnum” (MYOM) line was rather long that day, but we skipped that. Good thing there wasn’t a lot of people dining in the cafe area when we went.

Magnum Cafe opened during the summer of 2014, around the month of April. The opening was perfectly timed, as a lot of people were looking for foods to cool them down during the summer heat. It received a lot of media exposure—thanks to celebrities who went in line to make their own Magnum ice cream. Most customers go to the cafe for the MYOM counter, which allowed them to customize their own bar with a wide range of toppings and dips. Aside from this, the cafe also serves desserts featuring the eponymous ice cream bar and a savory menu created by Chef Him Uy de Baron. Yes, the guy behind the now-closed Nomama Artisanal Ramen.

A rendering of the letter M in the Magnum logo, made of popsicle sticks, is the first thing that greets diners upon entry. The MYOM line is separate, with a waiting area for other customers. Brown and gold are the cafe’s primary colors, matching the color scheme of the Magnum packaging. The warm earth hues, coupled with wood and hints of granite and gray, give the place a decadent vibe. Okay, enough of my descriptions and let’s proceed with our food orders.

Pardon me in advance if we don’t have much pictures of the place. Here are some of our shots from the Great British Festival, just to make up for the lack of photos. You can check out Magnum Manila’s website for more information about the cafe and its menu. Until the next review, bon appetit.

Magnum Manila Cafe
5/F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway
McKinley Hill, Taguig 1634

8 thoughts on “71 – On Seeking Pleasures: Magnum Manila Cafe, SM Aura

  1. Hi po. Wondering if you go around the UST area? We have an art cafe called iChill Theater Cafe in Sampaloc Manila that gives free cupcakes for who dares to go to the open mic and crack a joke, a song or anything there. Kasame with each drink 🙂 Here the web http://ichilltheatercafe.com TY 🙂 May the Coffee be with You!

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