66 – On Some Thoughts About Blogging So Far

Okay, let’s step aside and look at the blog from a different perspective. Well, I get occasional views at some of the newly-posted ones, most of them come from foreigners. Sure, call me a xenophobe but I won’t mince words. I highly doubt that those foreigners following me here will understand the things I post in this blog. When I started out, I used to be excited about foreigners following my blog. But as time passed, it became more of a “who the flying fuck are these people?” reaction.

Most of all, I’m disappointed at the low views the blog has been encountering recently – starting with the latest post. Blame it on the lack of avenues to promote posts, people despising long-copy entries, market saturation, or my blog not hopping on the bandwagon. I’ve been tempted to give this up many times as I’m tired of not getting any results. Another option would be to monetize the blog, but I don’t want to sell out and go where most bloggers are going. You know that feeling of wanting to pack up and throw in the towel for good after a bad day? I’m feeling that exactly right now.

On the positive side, I’ve unfollowed a lot of blogs lately – Filipino or foreign. I’m disappointed that people are turning WordPress into another Tumblr or Facebook.

I guess I’ll have to take a break; I don’t want to fuck up this time. Now I understand why CM Punk was disappointed at his failure to get a main event spot at Wrestlemania.


(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Just as I published this one, some foreigner followed my blog. Wow. Just wow.)


13 thoughts on “66 – On Some Thoughts About Blogging So Far

  1. its a painfully hard work to keep a blog. we all need to juggle our personal life and this world we create online. I think its important to keep them separate and keep in mind your goal on why you even started this blog. 🙂 By keeping them separate, it helps me to identify the fact that the stats, number of readers and follows is not a reflection of my own self but of what i might be missing to give to the readers. Keeping the goal in mind helps a ton! Like when being hesitant about posting stuffs, sometimes i need to think if it goes with what the blog is all about or if it would help the blog in reaching my goals. Most of us our goals from the start is simple, to share. And as we go along it goes off to another and another and another. Sometimes we fail to achieve it but it is just another reminder that we have a lot of growing up to do and stepping up the game. It sucks but if you want it, you have to work for it.Maybe its not you throwing out the towel but you on a phase of growth spurt. 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂 I guess I just needed a breather – I admit that I get much overwhelmed at times that I sometimes don’t see where I’m going, but distancing myself for a weekend really helped. 😀

  2. I feel the same with my blog sometimes but I’m not really putting a lot of effort on it so that’s prolly the reason. Hehe. I’ve been researching about blogging lately because I want to create a self-hosted one this year but I couldn’t come up with a niche that’ll fit me coz I just want to write about random stuff. So, in blogging, you have to choose between what you want to write and what people are looking for… And you’re lucky if these two meet in your posts…

    • Thanks 😀 Though, the girlfriend told me that I shouldn’t concern myself too much with what people want. Besides, she has a point – there’s no need to please everybody. Your audience will come to you naturally. (Good luck with your blog, by the way) XD

  3. ganto talaga… pero minsan…who gives a flying fuck ba? basta ako magsusulat, may magbasa man oh wala. mahahanap din nung mga right audience ang blog mo, in time 🙂

  4. You are on the right path, just have patience. When you have the right words to say, backed by self discipline (knowing what or what not to post and editing oneself), statistics do not matter. Readers will come, one day in trickles…and sooner, in droves. Consistency is a key, but temper it with originality and staying true to oneself.

    Those down moments you are experiencing are what we writers in my profession call the dreaded “block.” For a journalist, it is the pressure of deadlines that trigger it. For bloggers, it is the stress of not skipping a beat while fumbling for something smart to say on a regular basis. It will pass.

    Your blog is a refreshing read from amongst your age level, dear “old” young man slash ex-cosplayer. If you run out of ideas, try hacking your brain for those fun behind-the-scenes, embarrassing moments you want to share during cosplay. Purely for comic relief in between your serious reviews.

    Good luck with your blogging and personal life. You may keep both apart, but it takes effort, and certainly cannot substitute each other.

    If it’s any consolation, I once started with a measly 3 followers. 🙂

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