65 – On Injun Joe Having A Hearty Meal: Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken, Tiendesitas

Humayo ka, kaibigang Tom Sawyer…
(Go forth, my friend Tom Sawyer…)

If these lines sound familiar to you, chances are we’re most likely the same age. I’m pretty sure you’ve watched the animated version of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer back when it was aired on Channel 2 (ABS-CBN) during the 90s. Singing along to the Filipino version of its opening theme, you woke up early just to catch the misadventures of Tom and his friend Huck Finn as they explore childhood and growing up—along the banks of the Mississippi River. Thanks to the resurgence of meme pages on Facebook like this one, the show has experienced a sort of resurgence that led to its original home station airing it again. They previously did it with Princess Sarah after internet memes featuring the main character peeling potatoes circulated around social media. Ah, nostalgia indeed; I’m turning 25, yet I feel older than that now.

Now, to move on – since we mentioned the word nostalgia. Most people were hyped up when Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Chicken reopened in Tiendesitas. Longtime diners were pleased to find out that an old restaurant that apparently closed forever emerged once more. Originally, it was located at the Crossroad Arcade across Greenhills Shopping Center—but suddenly disappeared as the years passed. I asked my mom if the joint rings a bell, and it did; she and Leo Austria (yes, the PBA coach and father of former Ateneo Blue Eagle Bacon Austria) were frequent diners at the place. It so happened that mom was a friend of Coach Leo from back when she was in college. This made me want to visit the place even more—and with CJ excited to visit likewise, we rode a jeep and walked to Tiendesitas after our Milkcow visit.

Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Fried Chicken is located at the new Tiendesitas building, the one with air conditioning. It’s rather small, but the red and white color scheme coupled with the lighting fixtures evokes the inside of a steamboat. In my opinion, the store’s positioning—the outside is visible on two corners—adds to the feeling of a steamboat sailing down the Mississippi River. People I know are raving about the chicken and cornbread that they offer ever since they opened in 1981, and I’m not lying when I tell you this: everyone in Saint Petersburg, Missouri—even good ol’ Injun Joe—will want to visit.

Below are some of the photos we managed to take during our trip. We weren’t able to take much pictures as we enjoyed the chicken, cornbread, and their unlimited gravy that’s notches higher from that of KFC. Until the next review, bon appetit.

Tom Sawyer’s Old Fashioned Krispy Fried Chicken
2/F Building A, Tiendesitas, Frontera Verde
Ortigas Avenue cor. C-5
Barangay Ugong, Pasig City 1604

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: The picture of the old Tom Sawyer’s branch at Greenhills was taken from the Pinas Dekada 80 Facebook page.)

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