57 – On The Last Post For 2014

So much has happened this 2014, as I approached my first year here in the blog. I didn’t celebrate the anniversary with a bang, but that’s fine with me. From getting a new job, closing some doors, opening new chapters, my 24th birthday, and winning the heart of my special someone – a lot of things happened in the span of 12 months. As I look forward to the New Year, let me drop some thoughts and things to look forward to in 2015.

Got one of these from Kira Yamato, who happens to be an officemate of mine.


About work…let’s just say it’s the beginning of the end for me. I know and I’m fully aware that some people from my office will be reading this—some of them even follow me here on WordPress—but it no longer matters now. Honestly, the only reasons why I took this job would be the hefty compensation and the fact that they called me up at the soonest possible time. As with any employee who got a job after a long period of unemployment (five months, not to mention the unsuccessful applications), I was happy at first. But all that changed as the months passed; it was actually a miracle that I made it after nine months—even reaching the point of almost resigning. It even reached the point that I didn’t attend our company Christmas party, due to everything piling up. I’m just saving up money for next year to earn back the amount I spent during the five months of bumming around, not to mention “operating expenses” I’ll be incurring after I leave this job. Once I get enough to get by, I’m cashing in and leaving for good.

Here’s my take on that “cosplays you’ve done this 2014” meme. Four Cenas in two days.


Ten months ago, I posted my “retirement letter” here in the blog and, unlike the first time that ended as a sort of hiatus, I’m not returning anytime soon. Many events have come and go, but they never fired me up to return – not even a bit. Maybe because I have something to keep me busy, in this case – this blog you are reading right now. Regardless, I’ve stopped talking to some people from cosplay ever since I met the special someone and went with her to various places – which makes me wonder a bit. Speaking of people from cosplay, here’s one thing I have to admit. I’ve unfollowed some cosplay people from my Facebook news feed. I know it’s not exactly the best thing to do, but I can’t tolerate any more cosplay drama. In addition, I’ve learned to avoid the Ortigas area during weekends when a cosplay event is happening. Small things like these do a big favor in the long run, if you ask me.

From a recent trip at Coffee Empire along West Avenue. Watch out for my post about it next year!


Well, I’m pretty sure most of you already know my story. From accepting the fact that I was meant to be single (in time for Valentine’s Day, mind you) – I found my special someone ten months after. Yes, I’m aware that my earlier post contradicts my current relationship status. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m deleting it and retracting what I posted. It will stay, serving as an inspiration for those who might be in the same predicament that I was in before. Nothing beats being a good person – it will bring you a long way. Going back to us, we’ve faced some roadblocks and hurdles in the early stage of our relationship (we’re together for one month now). 2015 will be a promising year, with both of us promising that we’ll do our best to make the relationship work and make the best out of every moment.

Forgot to thank you guys for the views, so lemme take that opportunity here. Thanks for the 7k, 8k, and over 9k views over the past two months!


2015 is a promising year for me, with a lot of new things coming up in this joint. I have six remaining backlogs on my 2014 restaurant list that I aim to finish this year. But putting the backlogs aside, the “sudden trips” (or dates, whatever you want to call it) we have very weekend have answered the question of how can I generate content for the blog. The joints we discover during these trips will get more emphasis this time. In this way, I’m not restricted to a certain list and we become open to new additions on the fly. So far, I have a lot of ready content (pictures plus some text) that I can modify a bit for new entries. I’ll also try to sneak in a few non-food posts or two, just to break the monotony. Most importantly, I look forward to meeting fellow bloggers here on WordPress in person. Ever since I started last year, I’ve only met four bloggers so far—not including bloggers I’ve known through cosplay, work, and college.

That’s another one off the list.


Ah, Ateneo…I’ve closed that chapter last month when I got my alumni ID and visited the campus for one last time. Recently, I also unsubscribed to The Blue Post, AdMU’s e-mail bulletin for college alumni. Why, you may ask? Most of the stuff there involve time and money, something I am short of. I want to spend my time in the best way possible, and spending it with the special someone and the family is more than enough. Besides, what do I get if I do attend? I’ll just feel out of place! I was a nobody in college and am still a nobody after graduating, with nothing to bring to the table. But you know, there is actually something good with being a nobody if you look at the silver lining. You can keep a low profile, with your existence known only by a few close friends. You can “disappear from the radar” and nobody will care, so to speak.

‘Nuff said.


I’m at this particular point where I’m no longer asking for ore. I’m basically done and ready to settle down. I’m becoming fat? I don’t care. My weight is going up the scale? I don’t care. I’m not into sports? I don’t care. All that matters now is I’m happy and I deserve to be after everything I’ve been through. Let me tell you something: you can, will be, and deserve to be happy after all the hardship and pain. People might say that I’m complacent by settling down, but who cares? This is what makes me happy. Just having her is enough for me, and I feel better than winning a million dollars when I’m with her. Happiness is a choice; let no one stop you from choosing to be contented in life. You have the right to feel joy and no one can take it from you. No one is born to be sad forever – put that in mind. Well, that wraps up this post – the last one for 2014. Enjoy your post-Simbang Gabi hot chocolate, bibingka and puto bumbong, Christmas ham, queso de bola, and fruit cake in time for Noche Buena. Stay safe and avoid fireworks, so you still have ten complete fingers when the new year comes. From CJ and I, we wish all of you a meaningful Christmas season and a prosperous 2015 up ahead! Until the next post, see you in January here at The Monching’s Guide!


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