56 – On Sudden Dates: Triptych 8

If there’s a common denominator between me and the boo, it would be a four-letter word: FOOD. Every day is a chance for us to discover new restaurants and taste different kinds of gastronomic delights. Sometimes, she leads the way for me – but there are days when she would just tag along while I lead the way. Often, our adventures bring us either to undiscovered places or familiar joints that we used to frequent before we met each other. At the end of it all, it’s nice to relive old moments at those places with the one you love. Of course, we have different tastes when it comes to the dishes we order – but it doesn’t matter as long as you spend the moment over delicious food.

If you may remember, I featured Pastry Passion here at the Guide a few months ago. It was a good move on my part; the special someone really wanted to visit the place, so we stopped by after visiting an exhibit by her friend (artist Ross Jaylo) and meeting up with another friend of hers from high school. She ordered their Dayap Cake, while I ordered their Lava Cake.

Do check out their Facebook page and blog here.

After a long day, having dinner at a coffee shop is a wonderful thing to do. Since both of us are fans of “anytime breakfast”, we chose to have the classic “hot-drink-and-savory-dish” combo. Above is our order of Pepperoni Sandwich and Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, and below is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Eggs Benedict alongside their fantastic teas. (She ordered the extra hot chocolate, by the way.)

Visit Starbucks Philippines and CBTL Philippines on Facebook.

I decided to treat her out when she returned from her Singapore family trip. However, Yabu SM North EDSA was fully booked so we tried out Slappy Cakes just right beside it. The idea of breakfast for dinner sounds good (and both of us haven’t tried eating there), so we did it. My only comment here would be their rather hefty servings – too big even for me. I ordered their Southern Fried Chicken Tenders, while she settled with her French Toast.

Stop by their Facebook page and their website to know their latest promotions.

I’m looking forward to more dates of this kind in the future, alongside more special moments with CJ. Until the next review, bon appetit.

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