53 – On Milk Tea and Marketing Spiels: Pink Guava, Quezon Avenue

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This establishment is already defunct. Timestamp: 4 July 2016, 10:12 am.)

Pink Guava is situated at the lower ground floor of a building near National Book Store’s Quezon Avenue branch. A multi-level marketing company’s office owns the building where it is located, so most new prospect orientations happen here—causing the place to be fully packed at times. The joint has two floors; sadly, the upper portion is closed off to diners or anybody in particular. That setback, however, did not discourage us from heading over to try it out.

The place has a rather warm yet bright atmosphere despite its cramped space, with bright green and pink pastel hues. Its color scheme is actually based on the eponymous fruit this place is named after: the guava, or bayabas in Filipino. As I mentioned previously, it has a second floor where more guests can be accommodated. Pink Guava is known mostly for its milk teas—the guava ones in particular—and their signature rice meals. I ordered their Chicken Parmigiana, while the boo ordered their Porkchop Duo rice meal. Surprisingly, the rice meals didn’t disappoint. Don’t let the sizes fool you as the servings are large.

I’ll stop here and let the pictures explain. I’m looking forward to returning here and trying out their guava tea creations and other desserts. Pink Guava is best visited on a non-busy day. If you don’t mind hearing marketing spiels and orientations, feel free to head over and visit. (Let me just clarify something before you start hating on me because of this post: I have nothing personal with multi-level marketing or networking stuff.)

Stop by their Facebook page here and hit the like button while you’re at it. Until the next review, bon appetit.

Pink Guava
G/F Pacific Century Tower
1472-1476 Quezon Avenue
Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City 1103


5 thoughts on “53 – On Milk Tea and Marketing Spiels: Pink Guava, Quezon Avenue

  1. Usually I’d passed by Pink Guava but never had the chance to walk in & try it out. Have to admit their logo caught my attention thanks to the pink. 🙂

    Will try that Chicken Parmigiana out along with a drink soon.

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