45 – On A Leave Of Absence

Good day to all.

Let me just stop by here to make an important announcement.

The recent days have been witness to some things that are rather personal (I don’t want to mention them anymore), and my life will never be the same. As of this typing, I’m not exactly feeling well and I’ve lost the pace of regularly updating this blog. If you have noticed, there is a substantial lack of food-related posts and my other entries are published at rather irregular schedules. Contributing to this loss of pace would be a personal goal of saving as much money as possible and a lack of free time due to work-related commitments. Combine all that, and you get a posting drought.

In line with this, I’d like to inform everyone that I will be going on a rather indefinite hiatus. I don’t know when I’ll be back to post stuff but there’s one thing I’m damn sure of. I’ll find myself once more, and with that, the time to catch up on old stuff and create new ones. It’s not exactly the best thing to do for a first anniversary and hitting the 4,000 mark, but you have to lose yourself to find yourself as they say. To keep it short, I’ve ran out of steam so I’ll be taking a short leave for the meantime.

Before I end, thank you to everyone who supported the Guide from its first post in September of last year. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it this far with 4,000 hits and counting.

Until the next time, or until I return (depending on which goes first) – goodbye for now, and see you around.


8 thoughts on “45 – On A Leave Of Absence

  1. Nakakatungkot ito. Pero, sana maibalik mo ulit ang sarili mo rito at maging regular ulit ang updates mo. Inaasahan ko ang anniversary post mo.

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