44 – On A Customized Shane O Mac Shirt

Despite quitting cosplay five months ago, I won’t be stopping on my previous plans and here’s one of them. I’ve previously posted about the US Championship belt and Word Life knuckle props I made for cosplay; this time however, I didn’t have the necessary materials and time to work on this. This new project required me to go to various alteration and tailoring shops to achieve, but the end product was worth it.

Not everyone knows Shane McMahon outside of wrestling, being overshadowed by his father Vince most of the time.  He only took the spotlight in recent years after leaving the wrestling business and establishing You on Demand (website is in Chinese), a content and video streaming website primarily aimed at the Chinese market. Shane in the ring, however, is a different story. I particularly liked his run in the 2000s, before leaving four years ago. He didn’t win much matches in that period, but this video from a pay-per-view made me a believer:

His in-ring attire consists of a baseball jersey with the “Shane O Mac” patch in the front and a different back patch every time, jogging pants, and rubber shoes (or are those sneakers?). I tried looking for any Shane O Mac apparel, but to no avail as his shirts have long been out of stock. I’ve seen a few on sale at eBay, but they cost more than P1000 – excluding shipping, handling, and necessary taxes. With that limitation, I simply settled for a customized one which is a lot cheaper (though it’s not exactly accurate). Of course, this took me more than a year to finish but as I mentioned above, it was worth it.

Below are some progress pictures of the shirt. CLICK ON THIS LINK for more details about how this came to fruition.

And…here’s how the shirt looks on me. Let me do an OOTD (outfit of the day post) while I’m here.

SHIRT: Altered football shirt (Divisoria) with custom “Shane O Mac” patch (Crame) on black 3/4 sleeve shirt (Uniqlo)
WATCH: Boardwalk Timepiece black watch
PANTS: Levi’s 501 jeans (from Dad)
SHOES: Canvas chucks (GBX)

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