Work has been stressful for the past three weeks and Fridays have been something I look forward to. It’s nice to sit back and enjoy a delicious dinner on the way home after a long, hard day at the office. Interestingly, I craved for Japanese food so I decided to try out some restaurants specializing in that cuisine. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every meal as all the restaurants satisfied that craving; I managed to capture those meals with my trusty camera. Thus, I present to you this triptych to sum up those culinary adventures after work.

Speaking of which, it’s already July; two months more and the Guide will be having its first anniversary already! Time indeed flies fast and I’ll be looking forward to another year of blogging. Okay, let’s proceed with the meals.

Tempura and gyudon bowl, three pieces of gyoza, yakimeshi rice, and regular iced tea. (Rai Rai Ken, Ali Mall)

Torikatsu bento, two pieces California maki, sauteed vegetables, pickled ginger, eight pieces salmon maki, regular iced tea, and Oreo on Oreo ice cream. (Nishigo Shabu Shabu, West Avenue)

Curry tonkatsu and egg plate, and matcha green milk tea. (Tokyo Bubble Tea, SM North EDSA)

Let me share this random picture before I end. I know this is totally unrelated to the stuff above, but I just found the need for it to be posted. I apologize in advance if you’re not into salamanders and other related creatures (yes, I know some people who might be creeped out by pictures like this).  After seeing that giant salamander picture on Facebook, I realized that it looks like a certain Pokemon. [CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PICTURE.]

Until the next post, see you around. 😉


42 – On Salaryman Dinners: Triptych 7

6 thoughts on “42 – On Salaryman Dinners: Triptych 7

  1. i love rai-rai ken’s agedashi tofu. the price is less steeper than the others but their servings are good. 🙂 A bowl of Ramen at ramen bar is also a must try specially with the rainy days. Yabu still is my best bet to pigging out.

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