40 – On Taking Life One Step At A Time: La Creperie, Robinsons Galleria

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This branch of La Creperie in Robinsons Galleria is now defunct. Timestamp: 9 March 2017, 11:53 am.)

Fine food, fine place, fine crepes.

If you’re like me who’s caught up in the hustle and bustle of fast-paced work, chances are you’ll want to step back and take a leisurely pace. Trust me, you’ll find unexpected places you tend to overlook on a regular day. Thanks to the help of some friends from the office, I’m starting to loosen up and take that tip to heart. It was actually a friend who mentioned her craving for crepes that made me decide to review this one – so I’d like to thank Ruby (in case she’s reading this) for the initial inspiration! I’ve been seeing La Creperie’s Eastwood Mall, Robinsons Galleria, and EDSA Shangri-La branches and I really wanted to review any of them for the longest time now. However, I went here mainly because of TWG Tea. La Creperie carries a limited selection of teas under the luxury brand which caught my curiosity – being a tea drinker myself.

TWG teas on display.

Napoleon and Silver Moon teas.

Fortunately, I had the chance to dine here one Saturday when I went to Robinsons Galleria to buy shoes. Allow me to digress for a moment. I have size 12 feet and finding the right pair of shoes that fit is a difficult task as most shoe stores only carry up to size 10. If there are size 12 shoes in other stores, it’s hit or miss most of the time; they either fit perfectly and have a rather short lifespan, or they don’t fit at all. Good thing there’s GBX that carries pretty tough size 12 and 13 kicks, and their discounts are a steal – I managed to buy a pair for P895. But let’s go back to the food and enough of the shoes. I went to their Galleria branch afterwards since I did not have lunch yet and it was past 12 noon. There weren’t much diners so the general ambiance was peaceful and relaxing. There’s a French feel all throughout the place much like a Parisian roadside cafe, with ceiling fans being the only signs that it isn’t in France. Their Eastwood Mall branch is located in an unassuming spot, while this one provides a break from the urban setting of Ortigas Avenue and all those modern buildings. It evokes a feeling of home, and is one place you’d like to sit back, relax, and indulge.

Creme Caramel tea.

A warm, sweet cup straight from Johannesburg.

And indulge is exactly what I did upon entering. I chose a secluded table beside a display shelf so I have extra space for my things. The staff was very, VERY accommodating – and I mean it. They get your orders fast and respond quickly, so I don’t regret paying for the 5.5% service charge when my bill arrived at the end of the meal. La Creperie is known for excellent service aside from excellent crepes, and that merits plus points for me. It took me some time to choose from their extensive lineup of dishes, given that I was a first-time diner. I didn’t feel rushed while ordering, maybe because the server understood that it was my first time to eat there. Eventually, I settled with their Chicken Tocino, Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe, and a large pot of TWG Creme Caramel tea.

The second refill, with less potency than the first one.

The tea arrived first, served in a large pot (P240, with unlimited refills). They also offered a small pot for P165 (with one refill) and a tall glass of freshly-brewed TWG iced tea at P185. The rooibos‘ unique flavor and sweet hints in the scent filled the air as soon as I poured out a cup. There was a beautifully intoxicating tinge of chocolate and liquor, with the latter being highlighted by the addition of sugar. The name was indeed befitting as it was naturally sweet even without sugar, but either way (with or without) will do. It’s a good brew for someone like me who’s a black tea person (I like English Breakfast) – and I appreciated red tea even more after this pot. If you may remember my earlier trip at TWG Greenbelt 5, red tea had a rather negative first impression on me back then. A word of warning, though: I do not advise getting the second refill as it no longer has the potency of the earlier brew.

Chicken tocino: because I craved for standard breakfast fare at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Up close.

I barely finished my first cup of tea when the Chicken Tocino (P275) arrived on my table. It was served with two eggs cooked sunny side up, garlic rice, and a side salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and vinaigrette dressing. You can choose either garlic or plain rice, and scrambled or sunny side up for the eggs. Yes, La Creperie serves breakfast all day and I happened to be craving for a rice meal that time. The tocino tasted like you regular chicken tocino, but what makes it different is its tenderness. I’ve tried others like this and sadly, the texture is closer to the four-legged counterparts. This one, however, is tender that you’ll be 100% sure it’s chicken. The eggs were cooked just right with a soft texture, a solid yolk, and in a neat circular shape. I, for one, would like to learn how to cook perfectly-shaped eggs as the ones I cook end up being deformed. The side salad, on the other hand, balances out the sweet and salty flavor of the tocino, rice, and egg with its refreshing tartness. In the end, I’d say it’s a “so-so” dish but I recommend it if you crave for a delicious breakfast meal in the middle of the day.

A surprise awaits inside this package.

Managed to take this shot before the ice cream melted completely.

Of course, it would be a shame if I went to La Creperie but did not try out their signature crepe offerings. The dessert crepe I ordered was a treat indeed: the Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe (P265). It was a brownie wrapped in a chocolate crepe, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is best eaten immediately as the ice cream melts on top of the hot dish. With the vanilla ice cream providing a neutral taste and the chocolate trio of chewy brownie, crepe, and syrup – it was a fantastic experience. This is one dessert crepe preferably taken in slow, small bites – and I mean that in a literal sense. I only have one issue with it – the serving was rather small for a big guy like me, but since this is dessert I’ll let it pass. Besides, this alone seals the deal; I highly recommend this for chocolate lovers out there!

Figurines evoking the feeling of home.

With a quiet ambiance, La Creperie is one place meant for both luxurious indulgence and creative thinking. On the other hand, it reminded me to take life slowly and allow myself some time to unwind. There’s no need to rush things all at once; every moment should be savored. Just like the streets of Paris that adorn the restaurant’s walls, their beauty can be much more appreciated through a slow, leisurely walk. Live life one day at a time. And there’s no better way to remind everyone who stops by to eat than seeing these words painted at the counter:

Enough said.

Feel free to like their page on Facebook. Until the next review, bon appetit.


6 thoughts on “40 – On Taking Life One Step At A Time: La Creperie, Robinsons Galleria

  1. I’m glad you liked the food and the place! I loved the whole review especially the way you described the tea. It also makes me happy to know you’re starting to loosen up and breathe life in. Oh, and I think La Creperie is perfect for people who need a quiet space where they can linger and have comfortably long conversations. 🙂

    • All thanks to you and the other SD peeps, actually =))

      I agree with you on the part about La Creperie being a quiet space; the ambiance is so inviting that you won’t notice time passing 😀

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