38 – The Monching Walks: 31 May 2014

Time flies fast indeed – it’s already June! Welcome to the fourth edition of The Monching Walks and this post will be – to borrow a tagline I keep on hearing for the past few days – totes amaze or totally amazing. What started as a trip to buy a new shirt at a discounted price ended up being a memorable one. Let’s start at Trinoma, my first stop for this walk – I passed by to withdraw some cash, buy batteries, and have some loose coins exchanged. I checked my watch, and it was 12:00 noon before I knew it.

Since I was already in Trinoma and craved for fried chicken, I went to KFC and ordered their Crispy Cheese Chicken – their signature offering coated with cheese-flavored Clover Chips, a popular snack here in the Philippines. This was their second attempt to put a twist to their chicken this year; the Butter Chicken they previously made wasn’t that good despite the Daniel Padilla endorsement (I previously blogged about that here.) Let me say that they did a fine job this time. The sweet-salty coating lent a lot of flavor to the chicken and was excellent with the butter rice. The accompanying country gravy, based on cream of mushroom, complemented everything perfectly. However, it isn’t free unlike the regular ones – if I remember correctly, extra country gravy costs P10. To borrow another tagline, this time from the Clover Chips ad: Simot-sarap talaga!

I rode the train to SM Megamall to check out some things and to buy a new polo shirt, as I mentioned above. Fortunately, there was a sale at Megatrade Hall 1 and I managed to buy one at 50% off. My original plan after this was to try out the macarons at EDSA Shangri-La’s bakery, but alas, they were sold out for the day. I simply rode the MRT at Shaw Boulevard station and went back to the northern area. The Tokidoki exhibit was at SM North EDSA that time and I took pictures of the displays; I’ve been seeing it for the longest time now (I pass by the mall on the way home) but I only had the chance to capture it now. On a side note, I managed to buy a closet space saver set for P300 – Dad asked me to buy it for him.

And now, the highlight of this post: the Totes Amaze Girls. Chances are you’ve seen the PLDT TVolution commercial on the tube – and the two gorgeous ladies promoting the product. A post from the Totes Amaze Girls Facebook page appeared in my news feed one boring afternoon showing some pictures from their SM Megamall stint. I looked for their booth at Megamall after I bought the shirt – and behold! I grabbed the chance to have pictures with these two! A short chat with them turned out nicely: Chloe and Debbie (Mari and Gabriela in real life) are also into blogging, which was nice to hear. A few hours later, I saw them again – this time at SM North EDSA before I headed home. I didn’t ask for a picture with them on the second instance, instead I simply snapped two photos, waved goodbye, and called it a day. Now, if that confidence would only translate into something better. Do check out their blogs at Mari Jasmine and Barbaridades, respectively.

Let me digress for a bit before I end this one. I know most of you have heard about the UCSB killings involving Elliot Rodger, and I won’t elaborate on that anymore. I chanced upon his manifesto, and I could honestly relate to the part where he was frustrated with the lack of a girlfriend at age 22. I’m nearing 24 and still single – but never did the thought of seeking revenge against the world cross my mind; in fact, I’ve fully accepted the possibility of being single when I grow old. I mean, look at it this way – why should I waste my time plotting out vengeance when I can simply be productive and channel my energies into doing positive things? Why should I even do so when I have a lot to be thankful for? I have a family to take care of, a job that pays the bills and allows me to buy the things I want, and a lot of chances. There are a lot of reasons to live, even though life is difficult. Just like what John Cena’s shirt says: RISE ABOVE HATE.

And I end this edition of The Monching Walks with that short thought. Until the next post.

4 thoughts on “38 – The Monching Walks: 31 May 2014

  1. The Butter Chicken was so bad that it made us wary of tasting their other “creations”. But thanks to your post, we might have the courage to try their Crispy Cheese Chicken. 🙂


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