36 – The Monching Walks: 10 May 2014

Welcome to the third edition of The Monching Walks. I was supposed to post a food review entry, but due to some constraints, I was unable to review a restaurant. But there’s no need to worry as I’ll find some time for that this week. Last Saturday became a day well-spent with friends after exploring the Ortigas area, even reaching Capitol Commons along Shaw Boulevard. Before I proceed to that, the escapade started at Gateway Mall. I left the house at 11:30 and arrived at 1:00 at Cubao (yes, travel time is that long from our place to Quezon City). There wasn’t any available spot for lunch at any of the restaurants so I settled for World Chicken at the food court. I haven’t eaten there in a long while so I tried the place out. As you can see below, my order was a chicken fillet with two rice sidings which was heavy enough. Here’s a personal tip when ordering at World Chicken: get two rice-based sidings for a full meal.

It was 1:30 in the afternoon when my friend (and tag team partner) Wil arrived at Gateway. I was planning to give him some components I formerly used for my John Cena cosplay. He ate a quick lunch, then we headed over to Metrotent where Bloggers United 7 was; two jeep rides and a short walk brought us there. Both of us had initial hesitations about going here or not. He saw this as an event only for fashionable people, while I thought I wouldn’t fit in since I blog about food and not fashion. Fortunately we took the leap of faith and went inside; nothing bad in trying it out, right? Incidentally, he and his girlfriend Lynne (who arrived soon after) already went to Metrotent the previous week for another event. Bloggers United 7 was an awesome event despite not knowing a lot of other people there, but I saw a lot of other bloggers around, such as Danah and Stacy of The Plump Pinay. I’m personally looking forward to attending the next Bloggers United bazaar and scoring more finds in the future.

This made the event awesome – I managed to have pictures with some of the most popular fashion bloggers right now. Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy (yes, the sister of presidential stylist Liz Uy), and Lissa Kahayon were in attendance, so Wil and I took the opportunity to have pictures with them. As I mentioned above, he initially hesitated but changed his mind upon seeing model and FHM regular Karen Bordador (he has eagle eyes when it comes to spotting hot chicks, I tell you). Wil no longer regretted paying P100 for the entrance after a picture with her. There were a lot of fashionable women (and men) there, and I honestly envy their confidence in pulling off their wardrobes and chatting with other like-minded souls – something I seriously lack. Oh well.

Our party headed to Robinsons Galleria afterwards as I was going to buy shoes that time, and I scored a new pair of kicks at 20% off. We then transferred to SM Megamall for some snacks. Originally, Wil and his girlfriend were planning to scoot around Quezon Memorial Circle, but it would already be too late if they pushed through. I suggested Capitol Commons, the new park by Ortigas and Company along Shaw Boulevard. Capitol Commons was the site of the old Rizal provincial capitol before they built a new one in Antipolo. The building may be gone, but its legacy remains embedded in the name of the park’s location- Kapitolyo. The road to Capitol Commons was long and winding as we had to pass through a lot of side streets, but the sight of the park made the journey worth it.

We decided to pass by Philsports Arena (formerly Ultra) after our trip to Capitol Commons. If memory serves me correctly, the infamous Wowowee stampede happened here seven years ago. Upon reaching the place, however, we found out that it was way too far from the mall area! The nearest street happened to be a downhill slope towards Canley Road where the motels are. Fortunately, there were public vehicles passing by the road (we were at St. Martin); all we did was ride an FX going to Megamall. Wil, Lynne, and I decided to have dinner at Bonchon since the walk to Capitol Commons was long and we were all tired. A train ride to Cubao station later, and we called it a day.

I’m tired and sleepy as of this typing, but I’m pushing myself to get this done. Now that I don’t have a heavy workload, I can finally focus on a new review, sometime this week or the next, as the last restaurant post I had was from way back. Hopefully, the next review will feature a joint located along West Avenue or Quezon Avenue so stay tuned. Until the next post, see you around. 😉

7 thoughts on “36 – The Monching Walks: 10 May 2014

  1. Have been thinking of attending the Bloggers United event but didn’t get to go. Looks like it was a lot of fun (even for non-fashion bloggers)! 🙂

    • Yes indeed 😀 Though the sad thing was we weren’t able to know other bloggers – especially the ladies. 😦

      Don’t worry, there’s always the next BU 😉 (It’s held twice a year, though I don’t know when the second one will be.)

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