34 – On A Redesign Being In Order

We’re almost halfway through the year, and I guess a redesign is in order. Here’s a short update.

New blog header, and it’s consistent with the site’s font all throughout.

As you can see, I’ve revised my blog’s theme to Hemingway Rewritten – which actually looks good. I chose this theme for three main reasons. It makes use of Calibri – a font I find “clean”, the header is dynamic for each entry as it displays the entry’s featured image in the header section, and it allows additional widgets at the bottom of the page.

A better looking layout as compared to before.

Aside from the general theme revision, I also redesigned the blog’s About page (Who Is Monching?). You might notice that it’s more in-depth now, in a interview-style question and answer format. I also made use of the additional widget allocation at the bottom by putting the “Popular Posts” and “Recent Comments” section there, and transferring the “Meta” widget below.

New bottom widgets.

I have two pending entries as of this typing, and I’m gunning for a lot this month. Until the next post!

10 thoughts on “34 – On A Redesign Being In Order

  1. Hey great blog! Loving the food posts 🙂 And thanks for following my blg, looking forward to reading more from you!

      • Regardless, thank you for the support! 😉 Honestly, I don’t see myself as a pro blogger – hindi ganoon kataas ang views ng blog kumpara sa iba, but I try my best to make it up pagdating sa content.

        Karamihan kasi ng blogs ngayon, kung makikita mo – puro press release galing sa mga publicity agencies. Yung mga may grammar errors would be another story – pero kung aayusin lang nila, may potential. Hindi nga naman mainam na maghasa ng gunting o kutsilyo tapos medyo mapurol pa pag ginamit, right? 🙂

      • Ang lalim naman ng metaphor mo. PERO na gets ko naman. Haha

        Unang una, tayo tayo lang din naman magtutulungan dito. When it comes sa number of visitors, alam na natin na pwedeng bilhin ang mga yan, dumami lang viewers mo. Syempre, kailangan din naman yan if you’re goal is to monetize ur blog.

        Kaya saludo padin ako sa mga nagtyatyaga mag blog kahit small ang audience. Doon nkikita ang authenticity. Ung totoong freedom na sinasabi.

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