31 – The Monching Walks: 5 April 2014

First of all, I welcome you readers to the month of April and the first edition of The Monching Walks. Work has been rather draining and I haven’t been to any of the restaurants I wanted to review lately, so this will have to suffice for the meantime.

This new section deals with yours truly and my weekend adventures – whenever I get my salary – in photos. For the inaugural post – I’ll be featuring my first “monthsary” at my new workplace to claim some cash, a short trip to SM Megamall, and one last stop at SM North EDSA; featuring the Hot Rod shirt I mentioned previously. Be warned though, as this post is a photo-heavy one.

Being the salaryman that I am, there are two words I hold dear to my heart: “on time”. Go to work on time, get my salary on time. However – aside from a large withholding tax deduction, another nightmare would be a delayed salary. I went to the office intending to pass by and simply claim my cash, but in vain. Good thing luck was on my side and I managed to get by. But let me put that aside for a while to share a newly-discovered coffee brand: Chek Hup White Coffee. I’ve been hearing about it through radio ads played on Crossover 105.1, not to mention that it’s sold at Famous Belgian Waffles (a favorite snack spot of mine), so I tried it out. It’s available at Mercury Drug with three variants being sold: King (strong coffee), 3-in-1 White, and 2-in-1 White with Cane Sugar. I personally prefer the 3-in-1 White variant as it has the right amount of sweetness and richness. The only drawback is the price at P20.75 per sachet, but I’m telling you; it’s worth it.

After wrapping up business at the office, I then headed over to SM Megamall for a meetup with a seller. I mentioned in a previous post that the Hot Rod shirt I reserved was ready for pick-up and the seller was available on that Saturday. Fortunately, the meetup pushed through and I got the shirt (it’s an authentic one, BTW). I then had lunch at Hainanese Delights at the upper ground floor of Building A and ordered an after-meal drink at Chatime right across. The Uniqlo display at the ground floor of the Fashion Hall (Mega D) got my attention – shirts from the brand’s new UT line were displayed on half-body stands and arranged in a neat formation. I suddenly remembered a joke from anime-watching friends that Uniqlo was the real-life equivalent of the Revocs clothing line (from the anime Kill La Kill that recently finished) and their clothes were made of “life fibers”. A quick tour of EDSA Shangri-La Plaza through the hotel side, and I rode the MRT to the last northbound station.

The MRT Shaw Boulevard station is but a short walk from Shangri-La Plaza, and it meant that I only had to take one ride away to Trinoma. I didn’t spend a lot of time walking around the place though, as I just bought some toiletries and tried on some checkered shorts that mimicked the tartan pattern on Rowdy Roddy Piper’s kilt (more on that in the last part). SM North EDSA, however, was another story. I took some pictures of the fountain display at the Sky Garden near The Block featuring pelicans and flamingos. After the picture-taking, I headed over to Watsons to buy foot spray and Surplus Shop to buy a matching checkered short (I found it at the first try).

Since it was already 4 in the afternoon, I stopped by Famous Belgian Waffles to have a snack and SoyaBar to buy a drink (both stalls were right beside each other). While I was waiting for my order, I saw a lady beside me ordering waffles too. I was thinking: “she looks familiar, methinks I’ve seen her somewhere…”. It was only when she smiled that it sank unto me – she was Julia of theunicahija! I hesitated at first, but mustered up enough courage to ask: “Excuse me, you’re Julia right?” and introduce myself as the man behind The Monching’s Guide. We had a rather short but enjoyable conversation, and I managed to have a picture with her before we parted ways. That moment sealed the deal – I forgot all about the delayed salary issue I had earlier, and it made me feel happier about myself.

The excitement of getting the Hot Rod shirt was too much to contain that even before I reached the house, I was already trying out the shirt and how it would look like on me. As much as I wanted to wear a kilt with this one, there’s a particular stigma against wearing things that look like skirts here in our shores. Looking at how Piper wore this in the WWF (and WWE), it’s a shirt meant to be tucked in. I haven’t tried this with other colors yet, but so far it looks good with checkered design shorts, blue jeans, and a black jacket. I tried an outfit shoot with this as soon as I arrived home, and below are the results of that trial shoot. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t exactly for a convention (if I do plan on cosplaying Hot Rod) but more of a Halloween costume when the need arises. Nevertheless, if people want me to come back for a one-event-only appearance I’m willing to do this. Special thanks to Gedric’s Toys for the shirt – will be posting about the store in a future entry, so stay tuned.

Before I wrap up this first issue, let me share this wonderful “Theme of Morroc” guitar cover from Ragnarok Online. (Seems that the owner doesn’t want it embedded on other sites, so I’m just putting a clickable link.) I’ve been listening to this ever since last week. Thanks to this one playing on loop, I managed to finish a large chunk of content for a work-related project. It’s not exactly the best cover, but it’s an exceptional one I’ve heard.

Until the next post, see you around.

4 thoughts on “31 – The Monching Walks: 5 April 2014

  1. Nice shirt! All you need is a bagpipe. Did you get to watch WMXXX? I just read about it from JR’s report. A lot of matches were good, he said, especially the breaking of the streak. I’m going to wait for the DVD/Bluray.


    • Hehe, salamats 🙂 Hopefully I get to make the kilt over the long weekend, I just need to find the right cloth (or something near).

      Didn’t watch the entire thing, though – just a few matches (The Shield VS Kane and the New Age Outlaws, Taker VS Lesnar, HHH VS D-Bry, and the Triple Threat Match main event); as much as I was saddened with the 21-1, Bryan taking the championship that night sealed the deal! 😀


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