30 – On First Quarter Updates

Here’s a clue as to where I work: I see this building everyday.

So yeah, work has been rather brutal but it’s fulfilling; going to work is something I look forward to everyday with cool officemates and a pretty laid-back company culture with no metrics whatsoever. As I mentioned previously, it might take me a long time to actually draft another post here – thus, I beg your pardon for the lack of food reviews. Meanwhile, here’s a recap of the ones I’ve done so far based on the list I posted last January:

I’m aware that I haven’t finished a lot of stuff in that list and I’ve added some posts outside of it here in the blog, but it’s fine with me as I don’t want to limit myself. If I could just bring a camera to work, it’ll be well and good as I can proceed with restaurant reviews after work (LOL) – what more when my salary arrives! Speaking of which, the area where I work  (G. Araneta Avenue going to the Del Monte area) and its immediate vicinity has a lot of awesome dining areas mainly due to its proximity to the Banawe (where a lot of Filipino-Chinese live) and the Sto. Domingo areas (with students from Siena, St. Theresa’s, and Angelicum colleges).

The legendary Ma Mon Luk noodle house is but one ride away. An Ersao branch right beside Neutral Grounds at the corner of Sto. Domingo Avenue is a short walk from the office. New dining spots are popping up at Fisher Mall, formerly the Pantranco station of old times. Chinese restaurants such as Shantung and Hap Chan Tea House in West Avenue are accessible via jeepney. If I had some time to spare on a Friday, Pastry Passion at 48 West Avenue would be a nice itinerary alongside a tour of the Video 48 shop located in the same place. Hell, if I only had enough time on my hands I would have headed over to Dolcelatte for their tea cakes and cronuts. Sadly, I don’t have paid leaves yet due to being in contractual status – hopefully I get regularized in September. Well, I’ll just have to time the reviews when I have to leave the house and I get my salary. It’s hard to stop when you’re already getting the hang of it.

I look forward to eating at this legendary noodle house.

Okay, moving on. Since I got mentioned by Fat Girl Living Low Carb in her Versatile Blogger post, I’ll do the meme – 7 random things and…I’ll mention 10 for the meantime. I haven’t really networked that much here in the blog-o-sphere so pardon me for that. Here goes:

1. I only have 5 pairs of non-denim pants – 3 khakis, one black chino, and a brown corduroy pair. The dress code here in the workplace explicitly bans denim jeans (maong), so I have to make do with what I have. I do plan to buy more, though – preferably blue or black as they match with a lot of colors.

2. I like flannel shirts. Despite the fact that the Philippine weather isn’t actually conducive to wearing such, I still prefer wearing them. I’ve got three over here, all of them altered as they were originally loose-fitting. Maybe I guess it’s either due to practicality (you don’t need a jacket since the flannel’s thick enough), fashionable purposes (shirts like that look good on tall Americans; I’m not American but I’m tall), or habit (I’ve been wearing one ever since I started graveyard shift back in my first job). It’s not because of wrestler Mick Foley who’s known to wear these.


And I just received news that this shirt just arrived, a few days after I ordered it.

3. An authentic WWE “Hot Rod” shirt is in the list of my future purchases. Yes, that iconic white shirt with red piping on the collar and sleeves and the “Hot Rod” print in front. And yes, I’m a fan of Rowdy Roddy Piper. I bought the “Barrett Barrage” shirt of wrestler Wade Barrett last year and it’s still in one piece despite the hefty price – I actually used it when I cosplayed as him too. It’s one shirt that pairs off perfectly with a black rockstar jacket – what he wears in Piper’s Pit.

4. I don’t use ketchup or vinegar while eating. I guess it’s all a matter of preference, and I don’t want to elaborate on that.

5. Weird as it may seem, I’m actually waiting for God’s call. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve stopped believing in love. But that doesn’t exactly mean I’m joining the dark side – I still believe in doing good and living my life how I want it to be. I’m not the best guy to be a candidate for the priesthood, but He will make a way.

6. I prefer working in hot environments. Putting this into perspective, my preferred time to jog would be around 8:00 am. I wear jackets as soon as I get out of the house, and walking under the hot sun is a good exercise for me. Whereas some people find cold weather productive, I find it relaxing to the point that I’d prefer to sleep rather than do anything.

7. I used to dislike sleeping in the afternoon, but now I look forward to it. People would tell me that I won’t grow tall if I didn’t sleep in the afternoon, but it wasn’t the case when I grew up. Now that I’m already tall, I’d like to sleep in the afternoon so I’d gain a few inches but I guess it no longer works. On second thought, it does – I don’t feel sleepy mid-day.

Now, to mention 10 bloggers:

1. mariqia
2. theunicahija
3. Fat Girl Living Low Carb
4. renxkyoko
5. EdibleCravings
6. Artistic Milestones
7. Love & Luster
8. rey & lyn
9. hitokirihoshi
10. Say Cheese!

That wraps up this post, see you around. 😉

11 thoughts on “30 – On First Quarter Updates

  1. I’m looking forward to read your updates about these things: dining in Ma Mon Luk, giving yourself a time to explore other resto along Banawe Ave. (there are many), and that God’s call thing… hehehe

    By the way, about flannel shirts… you look good on it. 🙂

    • You’re most welcome 😉

      From what I hear, WWE’s becoming more exciting as WM30 approaches – with Hall of Famers such as Rowdy Roddy Piper doing Piper’s Pit segments, the Hulkster returning to host the said event, and Undertaker aiming for 22-0 against Brock Lesnar 😀 (Personally excited for the last one)

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