28 – On Chocolate Macarons (Part 1)

Arranged according to size.
(From L-R: Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate, and Valrhona Alpaco 66% Chocolate.)

Macarons – those wonderful little treats made from ground almonds and flavored with chocolate, lemon, and a whole lot more – are oftentimes mistaken for macaroons (with two o’s.) The difference between the two (aside from the number of o’s) would be their ingredients; the latter is made using shredded coconut while the former is made using ground almonds I mentioned earlier. The “single o” macarons (or macarons de Paris) are perfect with coffee or tea, and pastry shops dedicated to these are popping around the metro.

Of course, the curious me decided to try out some of these macarons. Being a chocolate fan myself, I bought three different chocolate macarons from three different shops for this post. Likewise, I paired this with a hot drink – a matcha tea latte from Chatime. You might wonder why I paired chocolate macarons with matcha latte. Well, in my honest opinion matcha‘s leafy taste cleans the palate, thus readying me for a different macaron to taste.

This macaron needs improvement, and I mean A LOT.

Starting off the set is Tous Les Jours’ Chocolate Macaron, the cheapest at P28 a piece. It’s smaller than Bizu’s macaron but a bit larger than The French Baker’s. The first bite of the treat reveals a chewy, brownie-like consistency. However, the chocolate filing leaves much to be desired despite its buttery taste. The pale-colored filling isn’t spread out consistently with only a little amount concentrated in a small area. Their take on the French confection calls for much improvement, but is passable for now.

No regrets purchasing this, despite the expensive P65 price.

Next up is the Valrhona Alpaco 66% Chocolate Macaron from Le Petit Bizu. With the lengthy name and high end price (this is the most expensive of the three at P65 per piece), much is expected from this one and it surprisingly delivers. It’s the largest among the three macarons I reviewed, and I’ve got a lot of things to say about this one. A chocolate scent emanates from it, and the crispy shell and soft filling opens up more surprises. It has a hefty filling with a dominant chocolate taste with hints of bitter cocoa bean. The sweetness isn’t cloying, balanced out by the bitter cocoa notes. The only downside is that the Alpaco 66% Chocolate Macaron is a special edition one available for a limited time only. This is the best of the lot so far, and is a purchase I don’t regret doing.

Second best for this set.

Last on the rack is The French Baker’s Chocolate Truffle Macaron. Despite being the smallest of the three, it has a lot of flavor that can rival Bizu’s yet is still affordable at P32 per piece. A bite of this confection reveals a crispy outside with a brownie-like interior (much like the first); the outer shell even appears to delicately chip itself away from the chewy interior. The chocolate filling with an aftertaste reminiscent of chocolate liquor is equally distributed, occupying the entire diameter of the two halves. Comparing it to its Tous Les Jours counterpart, the Chocolate Truffle Macaron is ahead by a long shot. Just an increase in its size and it’s sure to rival that of Bizu’s.

This ends the first part of my macaron de Paris review. I’ll be posting a second part next time, featuring four new chocolate macarons and how they fared. Until the next review, bon appetit.


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