Pepper Lunch has been a favorite place of mine ever since I saw their Eastwood Mall branch. Whenever I want to indulge in a hearty meal, I simply head over to the 3rd floor and order from their wide range of dishes. What makes them stand out is their unique stone plate different from the one typically used for serving sisig. This electromagnetic plate, made using patented technology from Japan, is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius (almost three times the temperature of water’s boiling point) for one minute. Thus, the food literally sizzles when it’s served to you.

With temperatures reaching that high,  the plate holds heat longer and keeps the food hot for an extended period of time time. You can also control how you want food on the plate (like steaks and beef slices) to be cooked; leave the meat on the stone plate for some time to get a well-done steak, and just set it aside promptly if you want it medium-rare. Pepper Lunch also allows diners to season the meats with four different sauces: teriyaki, onion, honey brown (amakuchi) or garlic soy (karakuchi). Let me share three of my favorites from this restaurant:

Chicken Pepper Rice (P198) is perfect for diners who want a protein fix but don’t prefer red meat. (Taken at Pepper Lunch, Eastwood Mall)

Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg (P235), something to enjoy after a long day’s work. (Taken at Pepper Lunch, Eastwood Mall)

Salmon Pepper Rice (P208) for those who want a healthier choice – and this is a personal favorite of mine. (Taken at Pepper Lunch Express, Trinoma Food Court)

Hit the Like button at their official Facebook page for more updates and promos. Until the next review, bon appetit and while you’re here, feel free to stop by and check out the newly published cosplay portfolio page showing my cosplays from 2008 until 2014.

25 – On Pepper Lunches: Triptych 4

11 thoughts on “25 – On Pepper Lunches: Triptych 4

  1. The Robinsons Magnolia branch cooks their food very well compared to the other branches. The gateway branch doesn’t really prepare their dishes well for some reason. We like the teriyaki with egg very much. Then put a lot if garlic soy and honey sauce on it!

      • As far as we remember it was at their foodcourt area. The last time we went to the Gateway branch was 2 years ago. It might not be there anymore. But the last time we ate at the Rob Magnolia was just last week and it was very good.

      • No wonder…service at the Express stalls isn’t as good as the one in the branches themselves; TBH the amount of salmon in the 3rd pic is rather lacking as compared to how they serve it in the branches (it was taken at their Trinoma foodcourt branch) – I ordered the same dish at their Robinsons Place Manila branch and there was more.

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