20 – On Making Rubber Knuckles

I previously posted about the United States Championship belt I modified sometime ago, now let me share another project here. I debuted my “Word Life” John Cena cosplay during the first day of the Christmas Toy Fair 2013 at SM Megamall, and was glad to have used the costume before the year came to a close. The US Championship belt became useful during the event. However, I wasn’t fully satisfied with it at the end of the day.

While browsing for reference pictures, I noticed that my costume lacked an important prop – his trademark “Word Life” brass knuckles. Cena used them to pull off cheap shots at his opponents whilst the referee was distracted, back when he had the “rapper” gimmick years ago (around 2003-2004). I already have the belt and the “chain and padlock” necklace, so it wouldn’t hurt to add another prop. I originally planned to finish this in a few days, but the Christmas season came and I was too busy to continue.

However, the problem here is that real brass knuckles are difficult to procure, expensive, and most of all illegal. I was originally planning to buy steel knuckles and have them modified with the “Word Life” engravings, but it will most definitely burn a hole into my pocket. Thus, I settled for ones made from spare rubber sheets I had at home. Let me warn you that THESE ARE TO BE USED SOLELY AND EXCLUSIVELY FOR COSPLAY PURPOSES ONLY.

I finished the knuckles just after a month, since I wasn’t really working on them straightforward and I was also having a few days of intervals. I was only able to use these once during a convention in De La Salle University near the end of the month (which I blogged in an earlier post), since I needed to recover from the recent dental surgery I underwent involving the removal of two teeth on the left side.

I’ll only be putting important highlights in this entry. To see the full album, CLICK ON THIS LINK.


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