19 – On Eating Out And Geeking Out: The Sci-Fi Cafe, Robinsons Galleria

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This establishment is already defunct since December 2014. Timestamp: 4 July 2016, 10:05 am.)

Prepare for an interstellar experience!

I have the height of a jock and the heart of a geek. My interests may look immature to other people, but screw it – as long as I’m not stepping on anyone and I’m happy in the process, then it’s fine. Putting that aside, I’ll be reviewing The Sci-Fi Cafe at Robinsons Galleria in this entry. To be honest, I’ve heard of the place many times before from friends who previously visited. What sealed the deal was a friend and fellow cosplayer who dined here gave it good reviews. Because of his positive review, I put the cafe on my list of places to visit. Fortunately, I had some free time so I finally took the chance to go there and have lunch. As soon as I arrived, the various toy displays in and around the store caught my attention. They are rather reminiscent of the ones I see during the bi-annual Toy Convention (ToyCon) every June and December. The cafe is rather small, but I do believe that it will move to a bigger location in the near future to accommodate the toys around. The displays aren’t limited to sci-fi though, as they have some from other franchises such as Marvel and DC comics, Disney animated films, and more. Replica prop weapons are also present. Some of the prop weapons I saw were Storm Shadow’s katana from GI Joe, Jack Sparrow’s flintlock and cuirass from Pirates of the Caribbean, Elektra’s sai pair from Daredevil, and the blaster from Terminator 2. Heck, they even have Gandalf’s staff from Lord of the Rings!

Channeling my inner Wolverine.

Sci-Fi Cafe has stuck to its theme to the letter, even with the pipe-in music. Incidentally, an instrumental version of the “Rocky” movie’s main theme was playing when I entered. I heard the main theme of Star Wars once, and the Superman theme multiple times during my stay. I arrived rather early, which is good since there weren’t much customers around. Since the cafe is popular for its costumes and props that customers can borrow for picture-taking purposes, I took the chance and borrowed Wolverine’s claws (made out of foam) for a picture. What I liked most about the place aside from the displays, however, was the staff. They were accommodating for a first-timer like me. I went back to my table to order lunch after having two pictures. The white leather tablecloths and stainless steel tables gave the cafe a futuristic feel. It was like dining at a first-class space pod on the Intergalactic Express.

Even the galactic crime lord would trade a carbonite-encased Han Solo for this one.

The Sci-Fi Cafe has dishes with names based on various movies, and they offer hot and cold coffee drinks too. It was already 12:00 noon that time, so I ordered one of their coffee drinks for a wake-me-up – their White Chocolate Mocha frappe (P135). The drink looks simple at first, but I can say it can match its Starbucks counterpart after tasting it. Its sweetness was just right – not too cloying, but enough to tone down any savory taste (which proved to be useful later). I actually tasted more of the caramel they put on top than the white chocolate. Maybe white chocolate really has a subtle taste as compared to regular milk chocolate.

I didn’t expect the station to sell white chocolate mocha frappe; regardless, it’s the best I’ve tasted in the entire system.

And then my lunch arrived: the Total Recall Cheesy Chick (P240). The dish’s name is taken from the movie “Total Recall”, which showed in theaters in 1990 and had a remake in 2012. It consisted of three chicken breast fillets topped with Parmesan cheese sauce (which I mistook for regular white sauce) and served with vegetables and Java rice. It had a huge serving of Java rice, and that extra order I had (P45/cup) was more than enough for me. The chicken was tender, and it went well with the sauce’s sharp flavor. However, the rice and sauce blending together stood out in the dish. I can’t say the same for the vegetables though, as they looked rather bland. I don’t know if it was just me, or the chicken marinade (if any) did not have much effect – instead relying on the sauce as its saving grace. Good thing there was a shaker of cayenne pepper at the table beside me and since there weren’t a lot of customers around, I used this to my advantage. In my honest opinion, the only thing I will recall from this dish is the Parmesan sauce as it bound the dish together.

This dish implanted one memory in me: the Parmesan cheese sauce’s sharp flavor.

My review for The Sci-Fi Cafe, however, was rather quick. I was informed by one of the staff members that they were closing by 1:00 in the afternoon for a seminar and will be open for business again at about three or four hours later. I would have made a longer one if my stay wasn’t cut short, but it’s fine with me. Apparently, the place can be reserved on a limited time for private functions. Despite having a different set of inclinations as a geek (I’m into WWE, anime, and manga), I actually liked the place in all honesty. I will most definitely visit here again in the future and keep in touch with my inner child. Feel free to visit and like their Facebook page to find out their menu and upcoming promotions. Until the next review, bon appetit and here are some shots of the displays.

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