16 – On Quick Fixes: Triptych 3

Let me start by telling you this one thing about me: I tend to visit malls whenever boredom strikes.

Any shopping establishment is fine with me, though I have a propensity to visit the malls in Ortigas (Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, and The Podium) and Cubao (Gateway Mall, Farmers Plaza, Ali Mall, and SM Cubao) just to do some window shopping or actually buy something if I have money. Of course, it’s inevitable that hunger will strike during my visits to these three malls.

Luckily, these malls have affordable dining places that can satisfy your craving. Here are three:

Chatime’s Pepper Salt Chicken Chops are so good, I order 2 cups of rice every time.

Whenever I crave for authentic Taiwan-style chicken, there’s always these Pepper Salt Chicken Chops (P85) from Chatime. The crisp coating, tender chicken breast, and delectable flavor always leaves a mark with every bite. Their Annatto Rice Pilaf (P18) goes best with the chops as its subtle flavor is enhanced by the chicken’s seasoning. The rice is topped with toasted garlic and chopped parsley for a hint of texture. Pair your meal with Chatime’s wide selection of hot and cold drinks, and you’ll be sure to have “good tea” and a “good time”.

You can check them out on Facebook for more updates and promos.

This has got to be one of the best meals I’ve ever had at Hainanese Delights.

From the island of Formosa, let’s move to the island city of Singapore. Hainanese Delights prides itself in serving affordable Hainanese chicken and other specialties with unlimited rice and soup. Their A Bite of Both meal (P110) offers a mix of three shrimp and three pork dumplings, also with unlimited rice. Each table has containers for Hainanese chicken condiments like ginger, chili, and soy sauce. The shrimp and pork dumplings go best with the rice and soup, and one should take advantage of the fact that both are unlimited. This wasn’t the first time I dined here; I’ve tried Pork Passionate (breaded porkchop) and Barbecue Chicken, but this one trumps them all! By the way, their Tofu with Vegetables as seen in that picture is also a noteworthy dish. Fried tofu, carrots, and cabbage mixed with a sweet-salty sauce provide a refreshing break from the heavy stuff, not to mention it’s a large serving for P80. (The sauce is also perfect with the dumplings, trust me.)

Cold drinks and macarons don’t really jive well (in my honest opinion).

It’s time now for dessert as the previous ones were heavy lunches. For a quick snack, I usually buy from Bakers Fresh at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza. Their egg tart (P30) counteracts the sweetness of the macarons through its soft and silky texture, nothing more aside from that. The macarons from Chateau De Paris are a new-found treat of mine at P240 for a box of six. I’m a sucker for chocolate and caramel, and Chateau De Paris excellently delivers at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Just a bit of toning down on the caramel flavor’s sweetness and all is well. I’ll be making a macaron post soon, just you wait. Aside from macarons, I’m also a fan of milk tea like Chatime above – and Serenitea here is another favorite of mine. Their wide selection of flavors is also popular, however I learned that cold milk tea doesn’t go too well with macarons.

How about you? Where do you head over to have a quick fix and satisfy your craving? Until the next review, bon appetit.

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