11 – On Looking Back At 2013

Okay, I’ll make this year-ender post short since I’m having writer’s block as I type this. I simply made 6 pictures to serve as a sort of recap as to what happened to me this year. I should have published this on the 30th or 31st, but seeing that I have no Christmas gift to all of you – decided to publish this on Christmas day. This may come too early, though. These six pictures came mostly from cosplay since it was in March of this year that I returned to the hobby. I know that most blog visitors don’t have the time to read too much text, so I hope this will suffice.

January and February: The Employee Look

March and April: Rising Above Hate

May and June: Just Don’t Care Anymore

July and August: Back To The Old West

September and October: Salute The Cenation!

November and December: A Nod To The Old School

By the way, I’d like to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday last month and everyone who supported this blog from day one. The simple likes and comments mean a lot to me, and despite the low viewership, inspire me to carry on writing. Now that I’m done, I wish each and every one of you readers and visitors here a prosperous and bountiful 2014 up ahead. May good fortune and opportunities come your way, and may all of you be kept safe from harm. 🙂


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