10 – On Affordable Steaks: Everything At Steak, Annapolis Street

THEN: Grilled less-bones chicken with original gravy, garlic bread, and rice, circa 2011

NOW: Grilled less-bones chicken with mushroom gravy and garlic rice

Annapolis Street – that long stretch of road at the side of Camp Crame in San Juan. Named after the capital of the American state of Maryland, the Greenhills shopping district is a short walk from this location. However, I didn’t come here to search for affordable goods (something that Greenhills is much known) but for affordable steaks. On this street lies Everything At Steak – a small restaurant serving delicious home-style steaks much like Racks (a popular steak house and restaurant), but does less damage to the wallet than the latter. Truth be told, this was my second time to dine here. I last ate at this joint with some friends from our old church choir two or three years ago. I actually like coming back to places I’ve previously dined before as I get to relive old memories again. Eating here pretty much evokes the same feeling when I ate at Press Cafe in Rockwell a week ago.

The general ambiance of the place was rather different when I entered. It was late in the evening when we first ate here, and there weren’t much customers. The place was rather small – located at a building’s ground floor – but this provides intimacy for special dates and other occasions. There is a downside to this, however; the small space combined with bad acoustics promotes noise pollution. It so happened that when I ate, there was a group of women (I think they were bank employees) who were laughing so loud that all the other diners were staring at them. Aside from the space and acoustics, another downside would be the place’s accessibility. The place is a rather long walk from the MRT Santolan-Annapolis station, but it’s worth it; it’s also a nice way to work up an appetite on the way to Everything At Steak. Many Chinese-Filipinos and Greenhills shoppers frequent the joint, and the best time to visit would be around 1:00 to 2:00 pm when the lunch hour is almost over.

A close-up of my meal

I ordered their signature Grilled Less-Bones Chicken (P185) as I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Keeping up with the theme of reminiscence, this was the dish I first ordered during our visit. It was served on a large plate, and came with rice and a siding of your choice. They have a wide variety of steaks and grilled fare (T-bone steaks, chicken, salmon fillet, etc.) and sidings that go very well with their offerings. One thing I noticed with the dish was that the chicken skin was left on. Sadly, I had no idea if this can be removed beforehand; if it was, it would be an advantage for weight watchers preferring to eat chicken without the fatty skin.

The marinade, if there was any, made little to no impression. I could barely taste it at the first bite. I chose garlic rice as a siding, this outside the cup of rice included with their steak meals – thus I had extra rice at the ready when my first cup was out. The garlic rice was soft, with good consistency all throughout. It paired off perfectly with the mushroom gravy and chicken steak. Since the chicken serving was large, there was more than enough for the second cup of rice I still had. I ordered Everything At Steak’s iced tea to pair off my meal, and I’m proud to have found one of the cheapest iced teas at P30 per glass. Sadly, they don’t have a bottomless option – though you can choose from strawberry or lemon (with the second being popular).

Now THIS is dessert!

Of course, no meal is complete without a dessert to cap everything off. I ordered Everything At Steak’s signature dessert and the only one on their menu, Mom’s Homemade Apple Crumble (P160). It was a huge dessert perfect for a meal-ender. It consisted of apples stewed in cinnamon at the bottom layer covered with sweet crumbs then topped off with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. From the looks of it, they didn’t scrimp on this dessert. My P160 was worth it. The warm apple crumble blending with the melting vanilla ice cream was a treat, with the succulent apples at the bottom providing a tart flavor. This one is meant to be eaten slowly, and I think this will pair off nicely with a cup of hot coffee.

Everything At Steak is for you if you want affordable steaks with hefty sidings. Bring your significant other here if you want to impress her with good food; “the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach”, as they say. Before I end this entry, let me remind you that it’s a long walk from the MRT Santolan-Annapolis station. From there, go straight ahead then turn right; just keep walking ahead, the place is located beside Greenhills Uno Seafood Restaurant.

“Remember this sign, as your walk from Santolan-Annapolis station shall be greatly rewarded.”

Until my next review, bon appetit. This is my last post before a year-end edition, so let me take this chance to greet all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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