8 – On Modifying a US Championship Belt

Ever since I lost my previous job last October, I’ve been struggling to find work only to get rejected twice. I applied for a position in a newspaper but sadly I didn’t get it. I felt disappointed; heck, who wouldn’t be when you don’t get your dream job? Because of that roadblock, I chose to keep myself busy for the time being and look for an outlet for the frustration. It so happened that John Cena was one of my cosplay plans, and I needed a new belt for the next convention I’m attending. I already have a WWE Championship spinner toy belt for a prop, so I decided to get something new – a United States Champion toy belt.

Off I went to buy the belt (P300, about $7) in Divisoria, a trading district where goods are sold dirt-cheap. I also bought a yard of leather and some snaps (P150, about $3.50). However, I’m rather disappointed at first – it’s not secured by snaps unlike the belt I have, the belt design doesn’t match the plates, and the main plate design is only a paper cut-out. The challenge was to make the championship belt look better than before. I managed to finish this in 6 days and, by the time I was done, the disappointment over not getting my dream job faded away.

I’ll only be putting important highlights in this entry.  To see the full album and how I went about making the belt, CLICK ON THIS LINK.


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