323 – On Lactobacillus Libations: Triptych 58

The benefits of beverages containing good bacteria have been extensively written about. These drinks, based on either milk or yogurt, contain micro-organisms that contribute to better digestive health. Perhaps the most famous drink under this category is Yakult, which was first formulated in Japan in 1935. The discovery of Lacticaseibacillus paracasei sp. Shirota by microbiologist … Continue reading 323 – On Lactobacillus Libations: Triptych 58

322 – On An “Express” Bicol Express

Once upon a time, the Philippines had an extensive railway system that connected several provinces – the Bicol Express line among them. This train line connected the capital Manila and the Bicol region at the southernmost section of the Luzon landmass. The line eventually contributed its name to a dish consisting of coconut milk, pork, … Continue reading 322 – On An “Express” Bicol Express